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House of Cards: Day 15, July 29, 2006

Main event Day 1b: We're in the thick of it. The Rio is choc-a-block with players and spectators. The Lifestyle show is in full swing and the booth that everyone is talking about is the Bodog booth. it's a double decker suite where men stand in line for at least 30 minutes to get some beautiful women to beat them up in a pillow fight. It looks fun but who has 30 minutes for anything? I spent a little bit of time in the Lifestyle show yesterday and grabbed a brochure from the Aussie Millions. I'm writing for and

Drinking with a future porn star: Last night housemate Sarah and I went to play some poker at the MGM. It was insanely busy, as Saturdays are. So, after we put our name in the queue, we went to have a drink at the sports book. The guy sitting next to us bought us our drinks, as guys sitting next to you are apt to do. And thus began his series of stories. Rich, who we dubbed Richie Rich, wouldn't stop about how his dad left him some $$ when he passed and he's got $600,000 in the bank which means he doesn't need a woman to make him money because "I've got thousands." Oh but of course, by the way, where can I meet some nice women like you in Las Vegas? The poor bartender obviously has to deal with his presence every day as he is quite the regular and frequently rolled her eyes. Still, it was amusing for us for a long while, and I even played some horse races at his request in exchange for him buying us drinks. But at the end of the night (when we still didn't have a table to play at), and the stories turned to how Jenna Jameson was going to be his new manager, then we bid our farewells. "When she sees me she's gonna say 'I want you in my movies!'" he said. Be careful of men who wear sunglasses in doors, they all think they're the next Ron Jeremy.

John Plays in the Main Event Today!: He has two of his best friends in town but we'll have to move mountains in order to get them in there to see him. Good luck John. Luck Luck Luck LUCK! Three of our housemates played yesterday and two of them lasted till the end of day. I can't imagine how difficult it is to outlast 2000 players only to know you have to do it again and again. But, there's only one way to do it - one day at a time. Good job to every one who is trying. This is really something.

I'll be extra slammed from here on out, (as if I wasn't already this week), but I'll try to keep you updated.

Las Vegas
Next: Table 180 at the WSOP to cheer John on.


House of Cards: Day 14 - July 28, 2006

The Main Event Begins. The halls of the Rio were actually considerably uncomfortable. I'm a bit claustrophobic so I didnt venture out of the media room much which was also so full that many of the writers who've been here from the beginning had pitched camp in the outside hall way. I wish I had a picture fo that. We left mid afternoon to go home and change for the series of events throughout the rest of the night.

The Poker Dome opens downtown! I've been a big fan of the Poker Dome since I heard about it, and their vision has finally come true. Tonight will be the first taping in the official Poker Dome down at Neonopolis at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Fremont Street. We got a sneak preview and it is a world of difference from the one at the Tropicana. John played in the media tourney and can say that he is, and will always be, the first ever to bust out of the Poker Dome. But he did boldly raise with Jack Six and steal a pot.

Poker Players Alliance. Then we went to the Poker Players Alliance event. Membership costs $20, but I put out $100. That's a lot for me, but I really believe in their cause and they've got an uphill fight. Howard Lederer is really giving it his all. If you haven't heard, online poker is facing prohibition. The House has already passed a bill and the Senate is next. The PPA is making trips to Washington to educate the government about online poker and to encourage them to license and tax it instead of ban it outright and force the banks and ISPs to censor our accounts. Please visit their website and join.

Word Series of Poker Event. Rafe Furst and his girlfriend Laura invited us to what we thought was an exclusive dinner for bracelet winners. But it turned out to be a big party at the Voodoo Lounge in honor of the World Series. There was a ceremony with Tournament of Champions winner Mike Sexton where he formally donated $500,000 to five different charities including the Special Olympics, Disabled Vets, Spinal Cord Research, Barry Greenstein's children's charity, and the Wounded Warriors that Kenna James and the Screaming Eagles is a part of. I'm sorry if I didn't get the names of those charities exactly right.

That was it. After spending some time with Rafe and Laura, and then Change100, we came home, had a swim, and went to bed. We actually got woken up at 6:00 a.m. to three guys swimming outside, but it was the housemate I liked so I tried my best to go back to sleep between bouts of trying to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Current: Las Vegas, NV
Next: The Rio for 1b of the Main Event.


House of Cards: Day 12 & 13 July 27-28, 2006

Parties Parties Parties:
We're up to our eyeballs in free drinks and go go dancers. Over the past three nights we've seen sex kittens getting their breasts painted, contortionists, asian acrobats, and hookah lounges at Tao - pros like Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Kristy Gazes, and Phil Gordon letting their hair down at PURE, and been to the penthouse suite at the Hard Rock Hotel - which - I would love to rent for a party someday. Not only does it have a jacuzzi with a view of the strip, but it boasts it's own bowling lane, pool table, and the party had a DJ, catered sushi and finger food like grilled cheese wedges and sliders. The gogo dancers here were an after though. Thank you And then last night was the Ultimate Bet party 51 floors above the Las Vegas Valley at the Voodoo Lounge in the Rio. They were kind enough to feed us a full buffet with an ingenious mashed potato table - but it was mostly players who'd won a seat and I don't need to look at Antonio all night long.

Tonight: Tonight we get to have a look at the official pokerdome as it opens it's doors downtown at Neonopolis. We'll be playing in a media tourney and then I expect to jet back to the Rio for the Poker Players Alliance party.

Yesterday: Euorpean writing friends have come to town. It's wonderful to have Stephen Bartley of Gutshot in the room as well as Howard Swain of Poker Stars. Blogger CJ Hoyt is also here to join Otis and Wil on the Poker Stars blogging crew. Welcome!

First Poker Dome Fan? I had lots of fans at the Poker Dome, but yesterday I was stopped in the Lifestyle show by a concessioneer. I walked by looking for the Expert Insight booth and heard a guy calling out, "Hey! I saw you on the Poker Dome." He went on to tell me how well I did, how he was also in the audience, and how he wants to get Sand in My Bra for his girlfriend. This was a little weird, but still awesome. I remember a time I was out with Phil Gordon and learned the importance of being patient with fans. He got stopped every few steps between venues and everytime he graciously stopped to talk to his fans. Afterwards I asked him how he could be so giving instead of annoyed at all these people taking up his time. Phil said, "Jen, everyone of these people has bought my book or watched my show or will buy my DVD - how can I not take the time to say hello to them?" I was humbled. I doubt I'll ever get to Phil's level of recognition, but I can take that lesson with me and attach it to my short span of patience and try my best to give in return.

We also played in the media tournament. Not much to say there. James Garner, Shannon Elizabeth, Cynthia Margolis, and Elvisthepokerplayer were in the house. Pauly put up a ton of pics on Tao of Poker, check it out and tell me what you think of my new look.

Please read my posts at and over the next ten days. That's where I'll be writing the most.

Current: Las Vegas
Next: Pasadena, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle (Aug-Sept)


House of Cards: Day 12 - July 26, 2006

Frat House: John woke up to the stove being on and a pan burned up on top of it. Someone had apparently started to cook hot dogs late last night/ or early in the am, and forgot about it. Lovely. The place is a mess, but I'm not going to clean up after other people. I cleaned up after my party immediately after I woke up, so the beer pong boys can do their part.

Bodog Threw a Kick Ass Party at TAO: We actually thought we'd be some of the first there at Tao when we arrived at the starting time, 10pm. But no, the place was already packed. The poker site that claims, "it's all about the lifestyle." did right last night. I'll say it again, Bodog through an excellent party. We went with Jay Greenspan who had never been to Tao before. And he was blown away. It was almost like he'd never seen the inside of a Vegas club before. He walked around with his mouth open as we looked up in the air and pointed to all the go go dancers, acrobats, naked bathing beauties, contortionists. Ill do a better post about it on Breakfast Club Poker, but for now, you should know that if you're throwing a party for a bunch of people who don't know each other, give them things to look at, and do. The Wicked-PR boyz helped with the party, and did a fantastic job. I think they are the first team I've wanted to work with in about five years. They're just that good.

Party Week: At first I thought Full Tilt was going to have some stiff competition with their party. After all, they are the reigning party kings. But I think tonight will be just as much fun if not more fun. Here's why. Tonight we'll be partying with the pros. That makes all the difference. Last night the club was cool, and some of our friends were there, but there was a sea of people and very little poker pros. These days, a lack of celebrities can break a party. We saw Kenna James go up as we were leaving, and Andy Bloch was in there, and Pauly put up some crazy shots of Gavin groping Amy on Tao of Poker, but other than that...slim pickings.
Tues: Bodog at Tao
Wed: Full Tilt Gala at PURE
Thurs: Ultimate Bet (can't remember where), media poker tourney, Doyles?
Friday: Poker Dome Media tourney, Poker Players Alliance shindig

Oh, and I just found out we're having a house party here tomorrow night, too. I don't know if any of my friends will want to come out again, but I'll make sure to invite them since we'll be forking down some cash for this. AND I have a ton of meat to bbq.

I'm getting some comments from friends about what the rock star life we're living. Ha. Lets not forget that John actually did live the rock star life. This doesn't compare in the slightest, but it might be worthy of a memoir. Wouldn't it be great if I could write a book before the end of the year.....doubtful, but it'd be awesome if I could start it.

Other news: Roshambo Event.
John played really well yesterday and outlasted all other members of our house. He finished after the dinner break, but didn't make it to the $. Still, with only two hours of sleep, he played great.

Current: Las Vegas
Next: I need to buy a new dress!


House of Cards: Day 10 & 11 - July 24-25, 2006

Mansion Poker Dome Viewing Party. I joined our frat house and had some friends over. I thnk everyone enjoyed being away from the Rio, but I was very surprised that we didn't get the bbq fired up, or that any decent prop bets and/or card games got started. Ah well, the soothing affect of the pool beneath the planes and the palm trees must've been more intoxicating than the rum drinks and big lebowskis. Pauly, Amy Calistri, Tim Levalli, Change 100, April K, Pokerati Dan, Brian and Leigh, and my friend Jeremy came over. John missed the fun parts but was there for the viewing. And we all laughed our butts off at my mean look, bad cards, and what not. The biggest shame about the show is that they edit out any kind of table chatter.

Housemate Cashes at a Final Table! I've already been blogging about The Blonde Ivey and how great he's been doing. Sarah, John, Brandon, and I sweated him as much as we could at the final table before he took 6th and cashed for $130,585. Amy wrote up a post about his post final table activities on the

Wicked Chops is in the House! I spent a lot of time with the Wicked brothers Colin and Brian Cooley yesterday. It is rare that I meet people that I connect with. I have a few travel friends that get that side, and I have one or two friends who get and enjoy talking about my word of mouth marketing interests, but I have not met any PR-kindred friends. These guys are definitely the first. I was extremely impressed with how they combined their work ethics with their path driven life visions. And dammit if it isn't just nice to have some solid brain power joining the media room. I immediately wanted to hire them to build the Jen Leo brand into the Rachel Ray of the gambling world, but on second thought, it might be more worthwhile to work for them. I could definitely learn a lot.

Roshambo! Phil Gordon was out scouting for Roshambo contestants yesterday morning. I signed up for the $500 event and am getting dressed to go have at it right now. I asked Phil if he would give me some tips, but he said that there is a strong chance we might go up against each other because of the last name organization of the event. So, this means that I have to hurry up and look up some Tiltboyz facts. I coulda sworn he wrote somewhere that he always does XX first.

John is Playing in the $1500 Today: After a rough night of no sleep, John is going to try his hand at the $1500 today. He had already registered and paid, so there's really no way around it. But I like his thinking about it. We're already working on how to get him his clothes for the Bodog party at Tao tonight. Tao is so cool, there is really no way this party will end up on the ugly side of conversations. Tao makes every better. There's nothing like a party with naked bathing beauties and buddhas.

Current: Las Vegas
Next: Roshambo!


House of Cards: Day Nine July 23, 2006

Big day yesterday!

House of Cards hero Carl Olson was the first of our lot to make a final table here at the WSOP. He finished 5th in chips late last night in the $2,000 NL Hold'em event. I've been blogging about him at Breakfast Club (So Proud of Carl Olson!), and also on (The Blonde Ivey). The final table begins today at 2:30pm. The chipleader as 1.5 mil and the 2nd placer has 832k. After that it's all 300kand below. We're going to go sweat him today after having lunch with one of John's old music friends.

A Night at the Tilted Kilt. There was a meeting last night that got crashed by Pauly, Otis, Wil Wheaton, and John Caldwell. The first three named bought us shots of Southern Comfort and then made a prop bet as to how many of eight seated at the table would refuse it. Wil initially won the bet as three people left their shot mostly full, but Amy nursed hers giving someone else the title. The best part was Dan returning the favor and sending their table three glasses of white zin. Pauly and Brad downed theirs and then the parties merged.

Ring Talk. We've been talking about this a bit more lately. It started a few weeks ago when our friend Dave gave his fiance Cotie a 6.5 carat ring. But it came to the front burner last night. Pauly told us this great story about how he and his mom came across his grandmother's engagement ring. Afterwards he asked how much they cost today and I informed him of the two rules. Don't go under a carat, and suggested guidelines say to spend two months salary. John told Pauly he'd have to quit his job or restructure his salary to be all bonus before he got me one. I let him know one month's salary would be fine in his case, with a wink. Even though I don't wink.

In my state of tipsy, it was all I could talk about, "John, we were in no rush at all to move things forward, but now I just might need a ring before the Main Event."
"As of five minutes ago?" he asked.
"As of yesterday," I answered.
"That's some funny xxxx," he said. And we laughed all the way home.

This, of course is exactly a week after we had dinner with some wealthy Australians and I asked them if they had any friends in the mining business. I announced (perfectly sober) that I wanted to go mining for my own diamond. Preferably for the rare Australian pink diamond. They talked to me like I was an idiot and that you can't really go mining. John, like usual, replied with a practical answer.
"That's fine, but you do realize that you're going to have to take whatever you come up with, even if it's a chip."
"It's all about the story," I replied.

But we're not the only ones talking about it. Tim Levalli told us that someone asked Nolan Dalla (media director at the WSOP) if he could propose on Day Two of the Main Event. No doubt this is because he wants his woman to know he loved her before he got rich, or before he went and gambled off the down payment to the house they want to buy. Ah love. Ah the crazy world of poker. We'll be here for 2-3 more weeks.

Don't forget to tape or Tivo the Poker Dome Show tonight on Fox Sports Net. I think it's 11pm (PST) but please check your local listings. I have no idea what time it is on Central or Eastern time.

Current: Las Vegas
Next: Carol Olson's final table!!!!


House of Cards: Day Eight - July 22, 2006

Mildly boring day yesterday. The landlord keeps coming over which is odd. This is the second day in a row and the third time in the week that we've been here. If he shows up again, I just might ask him why he comes over so much. The second time he did I was sitting on the couch in the entertainment room with my laptop. A few other people were in there, too. He just walked in, sat down on my left, was talking to the room about nothing - chit chat- and then got a phone call which he took right there and started gabbing. I was trying to write a story and left the room.

Our party is tomorrow and the game plan is to not do anything until we hit 19 people. Then we'll call about the $500. There is a Liz Lieu party at PURE later in the night, so this plan will most likely work. I think the bloggers will show up early and then leave for her party before my viewing. So, it could all work out. I hope. I need to go to a Cost Co tomorrow and buy snags, chips, and beer for everyone. I'll also do a Trader Joes run for decent apps.

In other news, John is playing in the Razz event today which starts at 2pm. LUCK LUCK LUCK.
Last night I had plenty of luck at the Excalibur. Sarah was there so I joined her after a stint at the Rio. I dominated a little $2-$6 table for a bit until the dealer told me to start being nicer to everyone. Ugh. I had more than doubled my buy in and even got quad tens to spin the wheel for $35. But approaching midnight I got really hungry and started giving away money. That was a sign to leave, and Sarah had made a bunch of money too so we went home. I ended up only $43 up, but it was a win considering I didn't lose. I'm far from a pro, this is all recreational for me.

Enough about the poker.

SET YOUR TVS TO Fox Sports Net SUNDAY NIGHT AT 11PM EST to see me on the Mansion Poker Dome! :-)

Current: Las Vegas
Next: Coffee


House of Cards: Day Seven - July 21,2006

Things we woke up to:

Guy sleeping on the floor in the conversation pit. Poor thing, I wish we knew as we brought an Aero mattress. But, of course, the fuddy duddies were already asleep, even if we got home late at 1:30am after covering the final table of the $5000 Stud Event. Sadly, Cyndy Violette didn't capture the bracelet, she went out in third place and Ben Lin took the title.

John's car got broken into, sort of. Someone got into John's unlocked car last night and took his change from the change drawer. I've been using it for parking in LA, so they must've gotten a grand total of $2.60. The idiots neglected to take the ever-so-valuable copy of What Color is Your Jockstrap. More proof they're idiots? They didn't even take the iPod that was sitting in the change drawer. Instead they just moved it to the passenger seat so they could get at our quarters, dimes, and nickels. And then they left a copy of Pirates of the Caribbean DVD on John's roof (maybe taken from another car?) Or a trade for the few bucks in change?

Sarah, in case her mum is reading, is settling in. She is making a valiant effort to fight the calls of debauchery and has turned from their fast food road trip eating to healthier meals and increased amounts of water. Her poker is running good and we might make it to the Excalibur together later today.

I like my routine. Wake up early, start catching up on assignments, some blogging, then get on with the day including swimming, or going to the Rio for more work, or entertaining guests. But we're without guests right now. I'm waiting for Jeremy to come in from Canada. Any day now.

Oh yeah, temperature made it to 122F yesterday. I had to use napkins on the steering wheel to get to my nails done. I'm so Vegas. Come visit.

Current: Las Vegas
Next: Las Vegas


House of Cards: Day Six

Best line: I think Las Vegas is the epicenter of bad tatoos. -- John Caldwell

Best HoC anecdote: After doing one load of laundry, Brandon noticed that the Playboy had a few big piles of clothes in his room. Brandon asked if he wanted to get in there between his two loads. The Playboy declined, "Nah, my mom is coming over at 2:00 to do my laundry."

Number of House entrants in the $1500 NL: 5
Number of House entrants in the $1500 NL that cashed: 1, Carl Olson

Most Notable Vegas Restaurants This Week:
BEST: Nobu at the Hard Rock (Saturday)
Good Return: Lucille's BBQ in Henderson (Wed night)
Surprise Sleeper: Bamboleo at the Rio. Fantastic Flank Steak Salad (Tues day)

Times I Snored in Public in the last two days: 1
Number of people that asked who was going to blog about it: 1

Days Until My Poker Dome Show Airs on FSN: 3 (Sunday July 23, 2006, 11pm)
Charge for us having a party at the HoC: $500-$5,000

Times I've told John that I appreciate our life and lifestyle so much more after having lived in this house for less than a week: 2

Psychics that said I'm going to start having kids next year: 1

Current: Las Vegas,
Next: Dreaming of a beach


House of Cards: Day Five

I know you're all wondering if we got any sleep last night, and yes we did. John got his pill on and I was in a drunken sleep until the rain woke me up at 4am and I got up to have a look outside.

So, here are some highlights from Yesterday's day in Vegas, in and out of the House of Cards.

$1500 NL Event: John only lasted a few hours, but I got to see him catch some cards. KK, AK, and QQ all within fifteen minutes. I'm not sure if I've ever seen him get that nice of cards all at once. Only if they had held up when they were supposed to...that's poker.

Amy Calistri took us to lunch at Bamboleo.

Hooker Bar: I went to the famed Hooker Bar with Pauly and some other bloggers. Read about it on

Poop Report: Woke up to a turd in the kitchen that looked like an olive. (The two joker dogs showed up a few nights ago unannounded. The landlord is charging them...I think....$500.)

Current: Las Vegas
Next: Las Vegas

The Fuddy Duddy Report Begins!

So, since I got such amused responses from the last post, I'm going to continue with similar content. But, we can just do the the short version. And we will call it the Fuddy Duddy Report, because in case you didn't know, we are the fattest and oldest ones here at the House of Cards.


Time we got woken up: 4:37a.m.
Intelligent conversation right outside our wall: "I can't see! I can't see anything!"
Peeking through the blinds: Playboy with a different girl headed towards the jacuzzi, (this one cuter).
Conversation inside our room at 5:15a.m.:
Jen: "I think only one couple has gone back inside."
John: "No, both of them are back inside."
Last look at clock before I fell back asleep: 5:34 a.m.
Conversation inside our room at 7:20a.m.:
John:"Now there's dog sh** on the floor"
Jen: "On the living room floor?"
John: "Yeah."
Jen: "From a dog?"
John: "Well, I hope it's a dog."

Current: Las Vegas, NV
Next: The Rio! John plays in his first WSOP event!


We've Moved into the House of Cards

Several months ago we got a great offer to spend a month of the WSOP in a large house in an old section of Vegas. Our friends were generously doing all the leg work to arrange the stay for a handful of their friends playing in the WSOP. It's an amazing property. Big Spanish style house with curved archways, and all kinds of amenities suited for entertaining. There's a family room with a big screen TV, large ceilings with timber beams, a connecting rec room with a pool table and bar, a pool, jacuzzi, bbq station, beach volleyball court, and putting green out back.

Five or six guys and two-three women.

We moved in on Friday afternoon and John has already bein in the pool three times. He loves it and it's great for his back. We got lucky with the room set up in that we are on the couples' side of the house vs. the single men side of the house. And our bedroom (with own private bathroom) has a door that leads out to the pool. Lets keep talking about the POOL because it is truly heaven. Last night, five of us sat outside. They ate their dinner out there. John and Sarah sat with their legs in the water, and I laid on a lounge chair looking up at the sky till I fell asleep. There are white lights on the gate of the pool, palm trees silhouetted beneath a few stars, and planes that come in for landing not far off.

You think that living by an airport would be loud, but none of us ever heard them while we were sleeping. And, despite The Castle being one of my all time favorite movies, I've never thought of living near an airport. But the sight of the planes landing was absolutely dreamalicious for me. Steady, constant, and because I love travel -- a wonderful, and happy image for me to watch.

"John!" I said, quite possiblly interrupting conversation, "I think I just saved us some money!!!"

He perked up.

"I want to live by an airport! And I think the real estate is always cheaper by an airport!"

He went back to his conversation. I went back to sleep.

But I wasn't the first of us to burst out with a housing ephiphany. On Friday night he had done the same to me about the pool. "Jen, we HAVE to get a pool."

"OK, John. But I'm not sure if the houses in Charleston have pools. Do they?"

"Good point." he said.

And then I started wondering where the heck we'll live, because if I know anything, I'm 100% certain I don't want to spend the bulk of my life living by the Burbank airport, pool or no pool.

So, yes, now we live in the House of Cards, where everyone has their own online poker stations and sometimes leaves them to have a meal with the others or at least watch tv. I know and like three of the tenants. And I've just added one more to the like roster, but that might be it. Last night, we woke up to the sounds of female voices, loud chatty giggling female voices outside our window. I lay there hoping they didn't decide to go for a swim, while John got up to take a look. Some of the single guys had obviousy brought home dates.

"Why are they going outside?" John said.
"Maybe they're leaving," I offered.
"Can you get to the parking lot from back here?" John asked.
"Maybe," I said thinking positively.

It was quiet for a few minutes, and then the talking and laughing started up again. Clearly they'd found their way to the jacuzzi. We drifted off again till the next round of party sounds.

"Maybe they're leaving now?" I asked.
"Nope, it's morning," John said.
Man, were we the old folks of the group, or what?! But I will take my turn as we are going to seek permission to get a party going for my viewing on the 23rd. If we get to pull that off, I will remember not to complain about being woken up by a party, or laugh at the sight of Chanel and Gucci hand bags with dressy high heels in the kitchen. And I'll just have to hope it's not every night. See? I'm still such a prude.

Current: Las Vegas
Next: Going in the pool...sometime today!


The Historic $50,000 H.O.R.S.E 2006 WSOP Event

The final table for the H.O.R.S.E. was scheduled to start at 9pm. I hear that the line on the rail is so deep you can't see anything or get close. I really want to watch this final table but I know well and good that I can't make it the whole night. So, my strategy is to go to bed right now, before 10pm, and wake up at 3:30am and head over. Hopefully I'll still see the last four players. I know that anything is possible in NL Hold'em, but John and I were talking about it and he thinks that because of the caliber of players at the table, and the states of the game, they won't be in a hurry.

I hope this is true.

My exacta is Doyle Brunson in first, and Phil Ivey in second. That's what I want to happen and what would make sense to me. Doyle keeping his reign, and Phil Ivey in line to be his successor.

Trifecta? Doyle, Phil, Chip Reese.

Check out Pauly's Tao of Poker blog for updates and a little bit of bio information on each of the final table-ists. He's cheering on Andy Bloch.

Current: Las Vegas, NV
Next: Harrah's Rio in a few hours...but I'm too excited to go to sleep!


Lots to Do

Hi All,
Thanks for your support and excitement during the Poker Dome taping (and pre-taping). It will air on July 23rd on FSN. Unfortunately, they told us that we couldn't blog about it (and especially the winner) until it airs. Usually the Poker Dome airs the day after they shoot it, but this was a special weekend because of their move down town to Neonopolis. So, we have to wait. Which is good for me anyway, because if I type a blog post about it, I won't be able to still have the juice to write it out for a feature.

So, there are lots of things going on:
I need to catch up writing for sponsored by
I'm still writing for TypePad after a generous hiatus to get my Vegas life situated.
Just got hired to write some player profiles for Party Poker
And am writing three Vegas features for (launching this fall)

As if that wasn't enough, there are still the usual things. Radio events and booking events for Jockstrap and Joe Quirk. And consulting other authors about improving their book launches through book blogs and viral marketing.

John is as busy as I've ever seen him. We surely don't want to see HIS list! Today Uncle Jon plays in the Senior event, and the $50,000 HORSE event begins! It's a fun day to be at the Rio.

Current: Las Vegas


I Miss Writing in My Journal

I just found this old photo of my journal in Baden, Germany. I think its gorgeous and should go up on my wall next to my desk. Journal writing in cafes is one of my favorite things about traveling. I loved Baden. A small resort town known for it's thermal bath spas and luxurious casino? Come on. That's all me—and perhaps a place I could talk John into visiting between one of his future EPT events.

Poker Dome Producers Are Hot About My Travel Books

Good news for Travelers' Tales, the producers love the travel writing angle. Adam Goldberg will be interviewing me and he's asked for my book covers and photos of me on tour. He was especially interested in the story about me skirting my away around the secret service to get a picture of Sand in My Bra with the First Lady.

So, I'm digging around in the catacombs looking for my author tour pics. It's a bit trickier because of the recent data recovery and swap over to the new laptop.

I've got interviews on Saturday morning. They want me to wear something I'd go out in, like I said. I don't have this outfit nailed, but this will be the one where they get some footage of me that they can go back to during the tournament. Say I win a big pot or something, they might turn to Jen Leo-crazy self promoter! It should be fun, and no doubt I'll give them the best stories they can handle.
New Schedule:

Friday night: The World Poker Blogger Tournament festivities begin. Drinks at the MGM with the bloggers.

Sat 830am: Get my hair did.
Sat 10am: Howard Lederer and Phil Gordon are keynote speakers at the opening of the WPBT
Sat 1030am: Phil Gordon hosts a $15 Roshambo charity event
Sometime after that: World Poker Blogger Tourney begins. My bust out gift will be a copy of What Color is Your Jockstrap.
Sat 2pm: Interview for Poker Dome
The WPBT has a fulls chedule and we might have some friends in town

Sun 9am: Breakfast with the Poker Domers
Sun 10:30am: Get my hair did again
Sun 1pm: Get in a limo that takes me over to the Tropicana
Sun 5pm: Come get your seats!!!!
Sun 6pm: Taping begins....Let me hear you scream!!!!

Thanks for all your support, emails, and well wishes. It'd be great if you could all be here, but I know that you're here in spirit. And, there's always the viewing party on July 23. Get over here!

Current: Las Vegas
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Poker Dome TV Outfit - Check!

I know there has been much concern about what the heck I was going to wear on TV this Sunday. Well, we can all rest assured that it's sorted. I just got back from the Fashion Show Mall, and nearly $400 took care of it. Almost. There are a few more items I have to get tomorrow.

It was a near miracle that I took care of the whole outfit in one store, and on the first try. I was actually on my way to Bloomingdales for some serious expert advice, when a White House | Black Market store crossed my path. Mary gave me the full treatment and brought me outfit after outfit to try. Here's what I got.

1. Black dress suit pants
2. Glittery silver tank top (not shown)
3. Thin black dress cardigan
4. Thick black buckle belt to dress up and shape outfit, worn very high up just beneath the bra line.
5. Black and silver beaded necklace with earrings.
(not shown)

I also got a black "going out" shirt. That might be worn on Saturday for the TV interview. They want me to dress up as if I were going out that night. It looks great, but has bare arms, so I'll see what I can do.

Overall, I'd say the outfit is smart. They wanted me to either be in a dress, or business attire. And I think this kinda counts as business attire. You might see some cleavage depending on the camera angle and if I'm bending over the table, but it's still conservative. There you go, Fun Conservative. How's that for an oxymoron?

Most of all, it's comfortable, and I like how I look in it. That means I won't be fussed worrying about it, (or fidgeting for that matter), and I can focus on the cards, and chatting up the table. I also bought a "secret weapon" to be used at the table. A jewelry piece. That's all I'm saying....

See you all there on Sunday. Arrive at 5pm to get your seat. It's in the Tropicana convention rooms just past their buffet near the Java Joe coffee cart.

Current: Las Vegas, NV!
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More info about the Poker Dome at the Tropicana

My friend Harold has been in town all weekend. That means, I've been less at the Rio, and more on the Strip.

Saturday: We went to the taping of the Poker Dome. It is pretty darn cool. It takes place in the convention area of the Tropicana. The live audience sits in a room in stadium style seating. Nice chairs. They have a comedian in there keeping everyone *entertained* while the other table, behind curtains and a wall gets ready. The audience sees a tv monitor for each player. They see the player, their heart rate and a fluctuation grid of the heart rate, their chip count, bet size, and I think how much time they have left to act. And, of course, they see their cards.

So, you've got three players on each side of a big main screen which shows the full table.

Observations: The table is remarkably quiet. It really weirds me out how the players barely talk to each other. Of course I'm going to try hard to be different, and really make for some good TV...and oh do I have my ideas...but man, everyone is serious. We watched the one with the two aussies Gareth Edwards and "Stocks". It is clear the the players are nervous, and who knows, I probably will be, too.

If you don't have your tickets to the July 9th taping yet, go get them at

*I think* that they will seat people at 5pm and tape at 6pm. But go by what the tickets say. You should come as early as you can so all the Jen Leo fans can sit in the same relative area. And there's no coming late. Because they film the audience, they don't let a seat go empty. I'm guessing we have around 20 fans, but I'm not sure. Lets do a poll....

Uncle Jon
Joyce's mom
Tim L
Steve Hall
Cory Ann
Special K
Susan and Jeff (late)

Shoot-- I can't remember anymore. I think there are more than that. Add your name to the list in the comments of this email if you're coming!

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