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House of Cards: Day Eight - July 22, 2006

Mildly boring day yesterday. The landlord keeps coming over which is odd. This is the second day in a row and the third time in the week that we've been here. If he shows up again, I just might ask him why he comes over so much. The second time he did I was sitting on the couch in the entertainment room with my laptop. A few other people were in there, too. He just walked in, sat down on my left, was talking to the room about nothing - chit chat- and then got a phone call which he took right there and started gabbing. I was trying to write a story and left the room.

Our party is tomorrow and the game plan is to not do anything until we hit 19 people. Then we'll call about the $500. There is a Liz Lieu party at PURE later in the night, so this plan will most likely work. I think the bloggers will show up early and then leave for her party before my viewing. So, it could all work out. I hope. I need to go to a Cost Co tomorrow and buy snags, chips, and beer for everyone. I'll also do a Trader Joes run for decent apps.

In other news, John is playing in the Razz event today which starts at 2pm. LUCK LUCK LUCK.
Last night I had plenty of luck at the Excalibur. Sarah was there so I joined her after a stint at the Rio. I dominated a little $2-$6 table for a bit until the dealer told me to start being nicer to everyone. Ugh. I had more than doubled my buy in and even got quad tens to spin the wheel for $35. But approaching midnight I got really hungry and started giving away money. That was a sign to leave, and Sarah had made a bunch of money too so we went home. I ended up only $43 up, but it was a win considering I didn't lose. I'm far from a pro, this is all recreational for me.

Enough about the poker.

SET YOUR TVS TO Fox Sports Net SUNDAY NIGHT AT 11PM EST to see me on the Mansion Poker Dome! :-)

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