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Poker Dome Producers Are Hot About My Travel Books

Good news for Travelers' Tales, the producers love the travel writing angle. Adam Goldberg will be interviewing me and he's asked for my book covers and photos of me on tour. He was especially interested in the story about me skirting my away around the secret service to get a picture of Sand in My Bra with the First Lady.

So, I'm digging around in the catacombs looking for my author tour pics. It's a bit trickier because of the recent data recovery and swap over to the new laptop.

I've got interviews on Saturday morning. They want me to wear something I'd go out in, like I said. I don't have this outfit nailed, but this will be the one where they get some footage of me that they can go back to during the tournament. Say I win a big pot or something, they might turn to Jen Leo-crazy self promoter! It should be fun, and no doubt I'll give them the best stories they can handle.
New Schedule:

Friday night: The World Poker Blogger Tournament festivities begin. Drinks at the MGM with the bloggers.

Sat 830am: Get my hair did.
Sat 10am: Howard Lederer and Phil Gordon are keynote speakers at the opening of the WPBT
Sat 1030am: Phil Gordon hosts a $15 Roshambo charity event
Sometime after that: World Poker Blogger Tourney begins. My bust out gift will be a copy of What Color is Your Jockstrap.
Sat 2pm: Interview for Poker Dome
The WPBT has a fulls chedule and we might have some friends in town

Sun 9am: Breakfast with the Poker Domers
Sun 10:30am: Get my hair did again
Sun 1pm: Get in a limo that takes me over to the Tropicana
Sun 5pm: Come get your seats!!!!
Sun 6pm: Taping begins....Let me hear you scream!!!!

Thanks for all your support, emails, and well wishes. It'd be great if you could all be here, but I know that you're here in spirit. And, there's always the viewing party on July 23. Get over here!

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At 7/07/2006 07:45:00 PM, Blogger Mrs. B said...

Such a busy and popular woman. Hope you can fit us into your schedule! See you Sunday night at the Pokerdome. Can't wait....


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