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Vegas Update

John left for Vegas on Thursday and I'm living like a bachelor in my own mess. The coffee table is covered with last night's dinner bowl, an old iced coffee glass, a bag of statle Thai peanuts from Trader Joes, and an empty Gatorade container.

But telling you about it is the last of it. I have a lot of work to do today and I can't work unless both glass tables are spotless. So weird. Anyway, I won't be going out to Vegas until I catch up on my backlog of unfinished projects. I'm h0ping it will only take a week, but I won't know until mid to late next week.

The real question is, how many of you are still trying for seats? And when are they? I have a feeling this is a big seat weekend. I know Titan has a big one today.

Current: Pasadena, CA
Next: Las Vegas, NV (??)


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