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The WSOP starts today...

Hi All,
I'm still in Pasadena, and have a full weekend. There's poker, and then there's poker work. My friend Joyce emailed me this morning to tell me that there's a ladies seat giveaway on Hollywood today (and it's only $5 entry!) I just signed up and there are only 114 people registered. So, get on over there and give it a shot! And if you haven't signed up yet, gives you all the specs. Download to get started.

There's also two Pokerdome tourneys today on Mansion Poker, and you know I'm dying to try out that Pokerdome!!! My friends at FSN tell me that it's not going to be headed downtown till the end of July, but I already can't wait.

So, on the poker writing to do list:
  1. I need to do my "Men of Poker" column for Woman Poker Player,
  2. and she just added another profile of Kristy Gazes. (due asap for the WSOP issue)
  3. Also, I got a hot assignment to write up an article on poker rooms for (due July 15 for Septemeber)
And of course there's poker work, and then there's non poker work.
  1. Book promo for Joe Quirk
  2. Book promo for What Color is Your Jockstrap?
  3. Writing for TypePad Featured Blogs
Have a good weekend everybody! And good luck getting your seat!

Current: Pasadena, CA
Next: Las Vegas, NV (John is already there)


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