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More info about the Poker Dome at the Tropicana

My friend Harold has been in town all weekend. That means, I've been less at the Rio, and more on the Strip.

Saturday: We went to the taping of the Poker Dome. It is pretty darn cool. It takes place in the convention area of the Tropicana. The live audience sits in a room in stadium style seating. Nice chairs. They have a comedian in there keeping everyone *entertained* while the other table, behind curtains and a wall gets ready. The audience sees a tv monitor for each player. They see the player, their heart rate and a fluctuation grid of the heart rate, their chip count, bet size, and I think how much time they have left to act. And, of course, they see their cards.

So, you've got three players on each side of a big main screen which shows the full table.

Observations: The table is remarkably quiet. It really weirds me out how the players barely talk to each other. Of course I'm going to try hard to be different, and really make for some good TV...and oh do I have my ideas...but man, everyone is serious. We watched the one with the two aussies Gareth Edwards and "Stocks". It is clear the the players are nervous, and who knows, I probably will be, too.

If you don't have your tickets to the July 9th taping yet, go get them at

*I think* that they will seat people at 5pm and tape at 6pm. But go by what the tickets say. You should come as early as you can so all the Jen Leo fans can sit in the same relative area. And there's no coming late. Because they film the audience, they don't let a seat go empty. I'm guessing we have around 20 fans, but I'm not sure. Lets do a poll....

Uncle Jon
Joyce's mom
Tim L
Steve Hall
Cory Ann
Special K
Susan and Jeff (late)

Shoot-- I can't remember anymore. I think there are more than that. Add your name to the list in the comments of this email if you're coming!


At 7/04/2006 10:55:00 AM, Blogger CJ said...

I'll be there!!!! (in spirit...)

Good luck!

At 7/04/2006 12:57:00 PM, Blogger BJ Nemeth said...

I'm confirmed, and I've reserved a total of six seats, just in case.

Also, here's a link to my blog writeup of the very first taping of the Poker Dome:

At 7/05/2006 11:16:00 AM, Blogger peacecorn said...

I am going to try to make it and will drag as many bloggers as I can get to come with!


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