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House of Cards: Day Seven - July 21,2006

Things we woke up to:

Guy sleeping on the floor in the conversation pit. Poor thing, I wish we knew as we brought an Aero mattress. But, of course, the fuddy duddies were already asleep, even if we got home late at 1:30am after covering the final table of the $5000 Stud Event. Sadly, Cyndy Violette didn't capture the bracelet, she went out in third place and Ben Lin took the title.

John's car got broken into, sort of. Someone got into John's unlocked car last night and took his change from the change drawer. I've been using it for parking in LA, so they must've gotten a grand total of $2.60. The idiots neglected to take the ever-so-valuable copy of What Color is Your Jockstrap. More proof they're idiots? They didn't even take the iPod that was sitting in the change drawer. Instead they just moved it to the passenger seat so they could get at our quarters, dimes, and nickels. And then they left a copy of Pirates of the Caribbean DVD on John's roof (maybe taken from another car?) Or a trade for the few bucks in change?

Sarah, in case her mum is reading, is settling in. She is making a valiant effort to fight the calls of debauchery and has turned from their fast food road trip eating to healthier meals and increased amounts of water. Her poker is running good and we might make it to the Excalibur together later today.

I like my routine. Wake up early, start catching up on assignments, some blogging, then get on with the day including swimming, or going to the Rio for more work, or entertaining guests. But we're without guests right now. I'm waiting for Jeremy to come in from Canada. Any day now.

Oh yeah, temperature made it to 122F yesterday. I had to use napkins on the steering wheel to get to my nails done. I'm so Vegas. Come visit.

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