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House of Cards: Day Five

I know you're all wondering if we got any sleep last night, and yes we did. John got his pill on and I was in a drunken sleep until the rain woke me up at 4am and I got up to have a look outside.

So, here are some highlights from Yesterday's day in Vegas, in and out of the House of Cards.

$1500 NL Event: John only lasted a few hours, but I got to see him catch some cards. KK, AK, and QQ all within fifteen minutes. I'm not sure if I've ever seen him get that nice of cards all at once. Only if they had held up when they were supposed to...that's poker.

Amy Calistri took us to lunch at Bamboleo.

Hooker Bar: I went to the famed Hooker Bar with Pauly and some other bloggers. Read about it on

Poop Report: Woke up to a turd in the kitchen that looked like an olive. (The two joker dogs showed up a few nights ago unannounded. The landlord is charging them...I think....$500.)

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