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House of Cards: Day Six

Best line: I think Las Vegas is the epicenter of bad tatoos. -- John Caldwell

Best HoC anecdote: After doing one load of laundry, Brandon noticed that the Playboy had a few big piles of clothes in his room. Brandon asked if he wanted to get in there between his two loads. The Playboy declined, "Nah, my mom is coming over at 2:00 to do my laundry."

Number of House entrants in the $1500 NL: 5
Number of House entrants in the $1500 NL that cashed: 1, Carl Olson

Most Notable Vegas Restaurants This Week:
BEST: Nobu at the Hard Rock (Saturday)
Good Return: Lucille's BBQ in Henderson (Wed night)
Surprise Sleeper: Bamboleo at the Rio. Fantastic Flank Steak Salad (Tues day)

Times I Snored in Public in the last two days: 1
Number of people that asked who was going to blog about it: 1

Days Until My Poker Dome Show Airs on FSN: 3 (Sunday July 23, 2006, 11pm)
Charge for us having a party at the HoC: $500-$5,000

Times I've told John that I appreciate our life and lifestyle so much more after having lived in this house for less than a week: 2

Psychics that said I'm going to start having kids next year: 1

Current: Las Vegas,
Next: Dreaming of a beach


At 7/20/2006 10:59:00 AM, Blogger Mrs. B said...

Damn, I hope he wasnt talking about my tattoos!

Wish I were there to cater for your Pokerdome party. But I will be there in spirit and watching from my comfy couch.


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