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Weight Watchers Fans Everywhere

What I neglected to mention yesterday was that there were two more references for Weight Watchers at Saturday's dinner party. Jon was currently on the points system and had already lost 9lbs in less than two months. My memory is foggy, but I think it was only one month. And kudos to him for saying no to the peach dessert. In addition, his wife's brother had lost 100lbs from WW! So, for those of you who thought it was just for women, think again.
John and I are going to start today. Hopefully he can look up an afternoon meeting as I am slammmmmmmmmed. We are both so ready and excited about this program.

Day 6, Jen:
Breakfast: chicken apple sausage scramble, home fries, a bite of coffee cake, coffee, and fruit bowl
Lunch: that was brunch
Snack: diet coke, almonds, grapes, water, vit water, Special K crisp bar
Dinner: what dinner?
Dessert: what dessert?
Excercise: hurting my knee on the gas pedal for seven hours without cruise control. BUT I can't believe I forgot to add this category as it is very important, and I want to rub in John's face that I did a four mile walk at Tennessee Valley cove on Saturday. So, begin the excercise category.

Day 6, John:
Breakfast: wheat muffin and coffee
Lunch: Chipotle beef burrito "wonderful btw" John said.
Dinner: what dinner? Burrito was Linner.
Snack: bubble water up the ass
Dessert: nada

Scale check:

Jen: -3lbs to 182!!!!
John: -2.5 to the unmentionable

Man is it good to be back in Pasadena.We're both working from the Great room, the windows are open, the street is buzzing with folks going to work. My workspace is clean, and I am ready to jam on it!

Current: Pasadena, CA
Next: Eugene, OR - Portland, OR - Seattle, WA (Sept 1-13)


At 8/21/2006 01:19:00 PM, Blogger Mrs. B said...

Guess I should have packed you dinner too! Sorry about that. But I am more worried about all the wheat muffins John is eating. You don't have a separate commode like our favorite HOTEL, so watch out!

At 8/21/2006 01:38:00 PM, Blogger Jen Leo said...

Susan, thank you so much for the healthy snacks! They definitely saved me from a fast food fix.

No need to pack dinner because I was plenty full from the almonds. And I didn't even eat all of them.

Only thing to note is that the cross over highway is 152, not 162. Thanks to Tara, I ended crossing at 198 much later. But it was all scenic and lovely anyway. California is truly diverse in it's landscape.

Anyway, wonderful to see you looking so healthy and pretty and revived. Even if only for a few minutes.

At 8/21/2006 03:00:00 PM, Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

I've heard great things about Weight Watchers. I think you guys will do really well on the program.


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