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Learning about Weight Watchers

So, it's pretty hard to watch what you're eating when you're on the road and visiting with friends you might only get to see once or twice a year. But last night I visited with one of my second families, The Lyons. The mom looked the best I have ever seen her looked. I've seen her dieting on and off for as long as I've known her, but she is really the most beautiful I've ever seen her look in the past ten years. I told her that and she gave all the credit to Weight Watchers

So, we talked about WW and I asked her if the meetings worked. She said yes, even if they were hoakey. Then she walked me through the point book and the point calculator.

The dad walked in and asked if I wanted a beer. I said yes if it was light beer, and Marcy gave me an invaluable tip. She said that she doesn't drink while she's on the diet, not for the points, but because if she does, it's easier for her to say yes to the extra food. We all know alcohol breaks down our inhibitions, but this was an interesting tie in that I found pretty useful and immediately connected to my fritos and oreos snack by the pool last night.

I've already been considering Weight Watchers because my cousin and one of my best friends lost 40lbs through their program. Now I have a third reference. But lets get to the Food Diary so you guys have something to laugh at.

Day 4, Jen:

Breakfast: fruit bowl, half croissant, americano
Lunch: half turkey sand, salad, iced tea at Intermezzo in Berkeley!
Dinner: chips, salsa, bbq ribs, coleslaw, corn on the cob, light beer
After dinner treats: Ben & Jerry's ice cream and another light beer

Day 4, John:
Breakfast: coffee
Lunch: Panera chicken sandwich
Dinner: orange chicken and rice

So, I'm ready to go home. I still have two more meetings today and one definite one tomorrow. And lots of work to do today. We'll see how we go. It wouldn't be the end of the world to go home tonight and stay in a WiFi hotel for one full night of alone time. We'll see. The BP Travel Writers Conference also beckons...

Next: Pasadena tomorrow


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