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There's No Diet in Road Trip

So, you like the food diary, eh? Cool. I didn't want to be like all of those other hot trendy celebrity bloggers with a food blog, but hey, you know how it is. I did ok today. It could've been worse.

Day 2, Jen:
Breakfast: pecan roll, coffee with half and half
Lunch: Thai veggies and rice with soup, half of a bad iced tea
Snack: iced coffee, cookie
Dinner: White wine, oysters in the half shell, salad nicoise
Night time snack: decaf iced latte
After dinner treats: half an Amstel Light, half a capuccino, 1/4 of a slice of cheesecake

Day 2, John:
Breakfast: wheat muffin
Lunch: hot dog at the ball park
Dinner: chips, salsa, cottage & pineapple

Well, now. It seems like someone from Pasadena is being a bit of a show off. Meanwhile I thought it showed considerable restraint for me to only have half of a light beer when I was celebrating a book release with friends I hadn't seen in a year. They were all knocking back Scotch on the rocks and pint size micro size beers, but me, no just a measly little Amstel Light. Ha! Don't buy that for a dollar. I can't have a microbrew beer if Im sharing a hotel room because I'll fart the stinky ones, and I couldn't have proper drinks because I had to stay up and work after the party. But anyway...

I had a wonderful walk in Golden Gate Park and my friend Lynn took me to the new De Young museum. It was a true treat to see San Francisco from a new vantage point (picture here). We walked in the sculpture garden, had a treat in the cafe outside, and even heard some man doing some singing overtones thing that sounded like a Tibetan monk in this art chamber with a huge open skylight. He kind of sounded like a didgeridoo and a baby in a stroller not yet a year old paid little attention to him as she flipped through the pages in her book, occassionally looking up at him with faint interest. It was a true treat to do that with Lynn, have a nice dinner with friends even if I was distracted by the upcoming event, and then of course the event. We had 55 some people and I should really write it up now for Written Road. What a lovely day. Thanks all who came and to those who sent emails wishing me well.

Current: Corte Madera, California (Marin)
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