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House of Cards: Day 12 & 13 July 27-28, 2006

Parties Parties Parties:
We're up to our eyeballs in free drinks and go go dancers. Over the past three nights we've seen sex kittens getting their breasts painted, contortionists, asian acrobats, and hookah lounges at Tao - pros like Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Kristy Gazes, and Phil Gordon letting their hair down at PURE, and been to the penthouse suite at the Hard Rock Hotel - which - I would love to rent for a party someday. Not only does it have a jacuzzi with a view of the strip, but it boasts it's own bowling lane, pool table, and the party had a DJ, catered sushi and finger food like grilled cheese wedges and sliders. The gogo dancers here were an after though. Thank you And then last night was the Ultimate Bet party 51 floors above the Las Vegas Valley at the Voodoo Lounge in the Rio. They were kind enough to feed us a full buffet with an ingenious mashed potato table - but it was mostly players who'd won a seat and I don't need to look at Antonio all night long.

Tonight: Tonight we get to have a look at the official pokerdome as it opens it's doors downtown at Neonopolis. We'll be playing in a media tourney and then I expect to jet back to the Rio for the Poker Players Alliance party.

Yesterday: Euorpean writing friends have come to town. It's wonderful to have Stephen Bartley of Gutshot in the room as well as Howard Swain of Poker Stars. Blogger CJ Hoyt is also here to join Otis and Wil on the Poker Stars blogging crew. Welcome!

First Poker Dome Fan? I had lots of fans at the Poker Dome, but yesterday I was stopped in the Lifestyle show by a concessioneer. I walked by looking for the Expert Insight booth and heard a guy calling out, "Hey! I saw you on the Poker Dome." He went on to tell me how well I did, how he was also in the audience, and how he wants to get Sand in My Bra for his girlfriend. This was a little weird, but still awesome. I remember a time I was out with Phil Gordon and learned the importance of being patient with fans. He got stopped every few steps between venues and everytime he graciously stopped to talk to his fans. Afterwards I asked him how he could be so giving instead of annoyed at all these people taking up his time. Phil said, "Jen, everyone of these people has bought my book or watched my show or will buy my DVD - how can I not take the time to say hello to them?" I was humbled. I doubt I'll ever get to Phil's level of recognition, but I can take that lesson with me and attach it to my short span of patience and try my best to give in return.

We also played in the media tournament. Not much to say there. James Garner, Shannon Elizabeth, Cynthia Margolis, and Elvisthepokerplayer were in the house. Pauly put up a ton of pics on Tao of Poker, check it out and tell me what you think of my new look.

Please read my posts at and over the next ten days. That's where I'll be writing the most.

Current: Las Vegas
Next: Pasadena, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle (Aug-Sept)

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