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Excited About San Francisco

I leave for SF in a few hours and I'm excited. This is a really special event and I feel so fortunate to get the chance to have a good show with Tim. I just hope and hope and hope that people come. If you are in the Bay Area, or know friends that are, please come and invite them.

Wednesday, August 16, 7:00 pm
Book Passage, Corte Madera, CA

To celebrate the launch of What Color is Your Jockstrap, I am going to be "in coversation" with Tim Cahill, the man responsible for inspiring me into the travel book world. Tim is the founder of Outside magazine and the author of several books including Jaguars Ripped My Flesh, Pecked to Death by Ducks, Pass the Butterworms, Road Fever, and many more. He has inspired many travel writers into this business, and is a funny guy. We will be on stage talking to each other about our travel, the writing life, future plans, and hopefully putting on a good show. Actually, I'm pretty certain we can as we've already reached the level of palship of swigging beers, slapping butts backs, and calling eachother nicknames. Well, he calls me Boxcar Leo and sometimes Steve.

And it turns out I'll get to see some friends, too, so that would just be great. Because I don't live there anymore, I'm kind of on a rotation. Trying to see friends on this trip that I didn't see last trip. It's tough. I want to see everybody. But, there is work to do, too. I can't live my life like it's always a vacation, or can I?

THE WEIGH IN...YIKES! Yesterday I mentioned that John and I are competing with each other to lose some extra weight. Our $1000 bet. This morning, he called me into the bathroom. The look on his face was intent. I thought we needed the plunger again and was fearing the worst. But when I walked into our blue bathroom, there was the scale in the center of the floor—ready for action. He got on and weighed a pound less than what he thought he was going to be. I was five pounds over. Vegas!!! This is where it all began last year. So, strike what I said yesterday, I am now THIRTY FIVE pounds over what I was last summer, and that was a good ten pounds over an ideal weight. But ideals change. I'll be thrilled if I lose this twenty.

Listen here. I know some of you have mentioned that you don't really like me talking about me mentioning or complaining about the weight gain. But John and I are recording this on the blog so that we take it seriously, and keep the competitive level up. We want to have fun with this, hence the bet. Do I still think I'm a beautiful person? Yes. Am I a happy person? Yes. And I love my life and what I'm building at home and career wise. I also think that continued success is contingent on a healthy self esteem. And one's self body image contributes to their self esteem. Mine sure does. So, follow along as this three month adventure kicks off and watch a happy girl get even happier. And we're not talking about more poundage! Lets talk about feeling good, getting fit, and connecting with the outdoors!

Day 1: The Weigh In
Jen: Weighed in at 185. John says we don't need to show our real weight, but I'm not sure I mind. I want others who are trying to lose/maintain their weight to play along and share what has helped them.
Supposedly serious about losing 20lbs. Time will tell.

Ok, I have to pack. See you all tomorrow. Oh, and re the poker, I lost for two days worth of play.

Current: Leaving Pasadena, CA
Next: San Francisco through Sunday


At 8/15/2006 09:38:00 AM, Anonymous leigh said...

No more eclairs at The Wynn?! Hang in there - very cool that you're blogging your diet.

At 8/15/2006 12:29:00 PM, Blogger Otis said...

Before we met, I weighed in at 25 pounds more than I do now. First step for me was cutting out all sugared sodas, teas, etc. After that, no more candy bars. Then came the tough one: no fast food.

You strike me as less likely to endulge in any of those things, but I thought I'd offer.

At 8/15/2006 01:15:00 PM, Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Good luck on losing the weight!!! I'm rooting for you - I know you can do it :)

At 8/16/2006 08:30:00 AM, Blogger Jen Leo said...

Thanks for all your support, everyone! I appreciate it.


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