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House of Cards: Day 10 & 11 - July 24-25, 2006

Mansion Poker Dome Viewing Party. I joined our frat house and had some friends over. I thnk everyone enjoyed being away from the Rio, but I was very surprised that we didn't get the bbq fired up, or that any decent prop bets and/or card games got started. Ah well, the soothing affect of the pool beneath the planes and the palm trees must've been more intoxicating than the rum drinks and big lebowskis. Pauly, Amy Calistri, Tim Levalli, Change 100, April K, Pokerati Dan, Brian and Leigh, and my friend Jeremy came over. John missed the fun parts but was there for the viewing. And we all laughed our butts off at my mean look, bad cards, and what not. The biggest shame about the show is that they edit out any kind of table chatter.

Housemate Cashes at a Final Table! I've already been blogging about The Blonde Ivey and how great he's been doing. Sarah, John, Brandon, and I sweated him as much as we could at the final table before he took 6th and cashed for $130,585. Amy wrote up a post about his post final table activities on the

Wicked Chops is in the House! I spent a lot of time with the Wicked brothers Colin and Brian Cooley yesterday. It is rare that I meet people that I connect with. I have a few travel friends that get that side, and I have one or two friends who get and enjoy talking about my word of mouth marketing interests, but I have not met any PR-kindred friends. These guys are definitely the first. I was extremely impressed with how they combined their work ethics with their path driven life visions. And dammit if it isn't just nice to have some solid brain power joining the media room. I immediately wanted to hire them to build the Jen Leo brand into the Rachel Ray of the gambling world, but on second thought, it might be more worthwhile to work for them. I could definitely learn a lot.

Roshambo! Phil Gordon was out scouting for Roshambo contestants yesterday morning. I signed up for the $500 event and am getting dressed to go have at it right now. I asked Phil if he would give me some tips, but he said that there is a strong chance we might go up against each other because of the last name organization of the event. So, this means that I have to hurry up and look up some Tiltboyz facts. I coulda sworn he wrote somewhere that he always does XX first.

John is Playing in the $1500 Today: After a rough night of no sleep, John is going to try his hand at the $1500 today. He had already registered and paid, so there's really no way around it. But I like his thinking about it. We're already working on how to get him his clothes for the Bodog party at Tao tonight. Tao is so cool, there is really no way this party will end up on the ugly side of conversations. Tao makes every better. There's nothing like a party with naked bathing beauties and buddhas.

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