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House of Cards: Day 12 - July 26, 2006

Frat House: John woke up to the stove being on and a pan burned up on top of it. Someone had apparently started to cook hot dogs late last night/ or early in the am, and forgot about it. Lovely. The place is a mess, but I'm not going to clean up after other people. I cleaned up after my party immediately after I woke up, so the beer pong boys can do their part.

Bodog Threw a Kick Ass Party at TAO: We actually thought we'd be some of the first there at Tao when we arrived at the starting time, 10pm. But no, the place was already packed. The poker site that claims, "it's all about the lifestyle." did right last night. I'll say it again, Bodog through an excellent party. We went with Jay Greenspan who had never been to Tao before. And he was blown away. It was almost like he'd never seen the inside of a Vegas club before. He walked around with his mouth open as we looked up in the air and pointed to all the go go dancers, acrobats, naked bathing beauties, contortionists. Ill do a better post about it on Breakfast Club Poker, but for now, you should know that if you're throwing a party for a bunch of people who don't know each other, give them things to look at, and do. The Wicked-PR boyz helped with the party, and did a fantastic job. I think they are the first team I've wanted to work with in about five years. They're just that good.

Party Week: At first I thought Full Tilt was going to have some stiff competition with their party. After all, they are the reigning party kings. But I think tonight will be just as much fun if not more fun. Here's why. Tonight we'll be partying with the pros. That makes all the difference. Last night the club was cool, and some of our friends were there, but there was a sea of people and very little poker pros. These days, a lack of celebrities can break a party. We saw Kenna James go up as we were leaving, and Andy Bloch was in there, and Pauly put up some crazy shots of Gavin groping Amy on Tao of Poker, but other than that...slim pickings.
Tues: Bodog at Tao
Wed: Full Tilt Gala at PURE
Thurs: Ultimate Bet (can't remember where), media poker tourney, Doyles?
Friday: Poker Dome Media tourney, Poker Players Alliance shindig

Oh, and I just found out we're having a house party here tomorrow night, too. I don't know if any of my friends will want to come out again, but I'll make sure to invite them since we'll be forking down some cash for this. AND I have a ton of meat to bbq.

I'm getting some comments from friends about what the rock star life we're living. Ha. Lets not forget that John actually did live the rock star life. This doesn't compare in the slightest, but it might be worthy of a memoir. Wouldn't it be great if I could write a book before the end of the year.....doubtful, but it'd be awesome if I could start it.

Other news: Roshambo Event.
John played really well yesterday and outlasted all other members of our house. He finished after the dinner break, but didn't make it to the $. Still, with only two hours of sleep, he played great.

Current: Las Vegas
Next: I need to buy a new dress!


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