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Day 19-22, August 3-6, 2006

We've left the house. In search of good sleep we went to the Golden Nugget for a few days. It coincided nicely with a day off from Main Event play at the Rio, and I couldn't have needed it more. I played in a breakfast tourney at the MGM with Amy Calistri and Tim Lavalli, then joined Jay Greenspan and Tuscaloosa Johnny at the Venetian after $100 at Pai Gow and Blackjack. The Venetian wouldn't open a table for us to play mixed games, but Caesars would so we walked over there. The we were joined by Otis, CJ, Bad Blood, Ryan, and Wil. Amy tells all about it on her personal blog, "What Bloggers Do on their Day Off." It was a super fun afternoon but Pauly and Change100 were definitely missed. So after this good time we went back to the House of Cards with a positive attitude, only for John to have his worst night of sleep yet. Jay has an extra room in his apt, the master bedroom no less, so we'll be bunking here for the remainder unless we decide we want to get a bit of the gamble on before we leave on the 9th or 10th.

Friends to note.

Jeremy from Canada went home. But I was lucky to get in a meal with him beforehand. He used the majority of his Venetian comps on me at the Grand Lux Cafe. Too nice.

Marty Feijo cashed in the Main Event.
Marty hung in there till last night and must've cashed for at least 40k.

Michael Martin from the House of Cards lasted longer than anyone in the house. He cashed in the 40k bracket.

I'm still doing a bunch of things on all my fronts. But I was able to catch a few funny photos. One of a Harrah's person spilling Daniel's chips, and another of Daniel signing a woman's tattoo on her ass. I have not been stalking Daniel, I just happened to be right there when both things happened.

Right now the question is when is the next WSOP day off? They were supposed to go from 600-300 yesterday, but instead went from 481-135. Everyone is wondering what is going to happen. Meanwhile, I'm building more websites and planning some book tourage for What Color is Your Jockstrap? Big thanks to Alex Brady and Harold Check who have helped me with Jenopolis.


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