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Did I say Diet? Really?

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Food Diary.
So, I'm sinking my teeth into a warm pecan roll and drinking a dark Ecuadorian coffee with half and half when I realized I'm recording this stuff. And here I thought I was doing good by choosing the SF Weekly's recommended Arizmendi "coop" bakery instead of some chain. Actually, chains are a little hard to find out in the Richmond in San Francisco. So, fess up time. Now we know why food diaries are so important to the process.
Day 1 Diet, Jen:
Breakfast: two pieces of wheat toast with lemon curd
Lunch: Gyro sandwich, a few fries, and a diet coke...I hardly ever!
Snack: iced tea, Starbucks cookie, half a vitamin water, a few bites of beef jerkey
Dinner: Half a bag of small pop corn, a few milk duds, water
Dessert: chips and guac and a margarita.
Good grief this is SO embarrassing!!!

Day 1 Diet, John:
Breakfast: two pieces of wheat english muffins, iced coffee
Lunch: turkey burger, a few fries
Dinner: chips and salsa, cottage cheese and pineapple

Ok, but what kind of excercise did John do yesterday, huh? I at least had my right foot up and down on the gas peddle for six hours because the rental car did not have cruise control.

Well, it's a good thing we're recording this. I'll definitely have to shape up. And you heard it here first before I went to lunch with Expert Insight and had dinner at the Left Bank before my event.

BTW, thanks for your encouragement on the diet in the comments. Otis, I cant believe that you were that much heavier when I first met you. I really never thought of you as being heavy. Did we meet before London? Re fast food, I like the occassional In N Out, but I'm not really into fast food on a regular basis. I had enough of that when I was a delivery driver back in the day for the glorious

Here are my biggest weaknesses:
half and half in coffee
cheese. mostly cheddar
ice cream

I can stay away from ice cream with more ease than I can the pizza. But for me, I have to start excercising. A legitimate psychic who works for the police said I'm going to have kids within a year. That means this body has got to get in shape. Not just lighter, but actually up the stamina and endurance side of things. For that, I'm really going to have to start working out. Ok, until tomorrow. I have 3.5 articles due in two days. Maybe all that brian power will burn some calories. And then there's talking tonight. All that talking.


At 8/16/2006 11:29:00 AM, Blogger Maudie said...

The only thing I've been exercising of late is my right to procrastinate... however, a couple of weeks ago I embarked on the "Special K" challenge and am oh-so-close to actually getting into an exercise regime.

Good luck to you and John - I'm following your tale with interest.


At 8/16/2006 11:29:00 AM, Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

I am really cracking up over here because your dinner of milk duds and popcorn sounds like my dinners of sour worms and monster energy drink when I'm at work. Hey - it gets me through the night dammit :)

At 8/16/2006 12:43:00 PM, Anonymous leigh said...

i LOVE your food diary


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