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What Am I Going to Wear?!

That is what everyone is asking me. Except for Jay Greenspan of course. I ran into him at the parking lot yesterday and though we only had time for a hug and a hey, the first thing after his congrats was "What's your strategy going to be?" He quickly took it back as he knew we didn't have time for a full on discussion, but I just laughed? "Strategy?! Jay, I need to worry about what I'm going to wear first!"

Still, I love that his mind was on winning. I'm reading his book Hunting Fish: A Cross-Country Search for America's Worst Poker Players right now and it's awesome. We get to see Jay's raw reactions and emotions as he goes on a cross country poker road trip. He takes us into private clubs, casino cash games, and big tourneys. And, we get to see what poker means to him in terms of his relationship with his girlfriend (soon to be wife), and his family. I love how vulnerable he is with his writing. This is great storytelling, not a collection of bad beat stories.

Anyway, back to what I'm going to wear. I have no idea! They want me to wear a dress or a business suit. I want something on my arms, but not a restrictive blazer. We want to show a little shadow of some cleavage (now that I have some), but we don't want my boobs hanging out trying to reach for my chips. The image I'd like to have before the masses, is that I'm fun and easy going. Because I am. And if I have my serious, thinking about my cards, trying to concentrate face on -- they might not see it! Yes, I am slightly concerned that I won't get to smile enough.

I watched some of the one with Cory Ann where Marissa Chien won and damn if that table wasn't so serious. Holy cow. Hopefully I'll add a little life to the program and show them that it's fun to play poker.

So, if you have any ideas on what I should wear, or which designers I should approach for sponsorship, let me know! Thanks.

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Breakfast Club Poker

So, last Thursday when John left for Vegas, I stayed up till 3am and built a blog for my time at the World Series of Poker.

Amy Calistri and I have teamed up to deliver morning reports on what has happened the night before. We'll be blogging, and podcasting. Picture us hanging out in the morning over coffee and doughnuts, dishing the dish, talking about who won, discussing the state of the bathrooms at the Rio, with interviews with players woven in to the podcasts. The media restrictions are pretty tight this year, but they can't stop us from gabbing. We're going to talk to players, and follow along with how everyone else is reporting and make sure you get a fun round up.

I also did a deal with for exclusive advertising sponsorshop, so big thanks! I'm catching a ride to Vegas today, and things will be heating up over at The Club. Check us out!

BTW, I've copied Amy's blogroll of links but if you're a poker blogging fan of either one of us, send me your link and I'll get you up there. I think I'm missing Rooster, and was going to put his up in the next wave of things, but I haven't thought that much about cross checking the whole list with all the blogs out there. Just beep me and we'll get you over there. SO sorry if I missed you, it was unintentional. Send me your link.

And, of course, once we're in full swing, I'd love it if you'd mention us in a post and add us to your blogroll.

See you there!

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Order FREE Tickets to the Poker Dome Taping

Hey everybody! Thanks so much for your enthusiastic support. I love it! I don't know what kind of sign you're going to make with the letters FSN that connect with me, but I have no doubt about your creativity. Go easy on the football style war paint. Nobody needs to have an orange and blue Jen on one side of their face, Leo on the other.

That's great to hear that people are getting tickets, and thanks for the tip off that we can share with others. You can still get tix at Poker Dome.

I took this pic off the website, and they say the photos are courtesy of BJ Nemeth. Hey BJ, Amy Calistri is already talking like someone should shoot me getting ready and do a whole photo essay for this. Let me know if you're up for it. Otherwise we'll get digital from Amy and John.

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It's official!

I got the official congratulations email from Mansion Poker this morning.

WHAT: Me playing speed poker on TV
WHEN: Taping on July 9, airing on July 23
WHERE: Las Vegas, NV
WHY: Because it's going to be fun! (and to try and win $25k)
PAMPERING: Did someone say pampering? Here's what I'll get.

Your POKER DOME Experience includes-

· Round Trip Air Transportation to Las Vegas
· VIP Pick-up from Airport to Hotel
· VIP Check-in at Caesars Palace (2 nights included Friday and Saturday)
· Welcome VIP package in the room (champagne, mansion welcome wear)
· $500.00 Casino Credit
· Welcome Dinner and Introduction to the Poker Dome (Friday Night)
· VIP Transportation to and from the Poker Dome (Saturday)
· Daily meal credit at hotel
· VIP transportation back to airport
· Each winner at the Poker Dome will also receive a Champion’s Varsity Jacket

Thanks, Mansion Poker!!!


Mansion Poker Dome, Here I Come!

I've been talking about the Poker Dome since before it started. I wrote about it in BLUFF for my "Bird on the Rail" column, and I went to the party at TAO bringing back some sexy photos of go go dancers. Now, the unthinkable.


I'm waiting for the official email from Mansion, but today I played in the PokerNews freeroll on Mansion Poker and dominated until the bitter end when I found out that the guy I was heads up against and already won a seat earlier and wasn't eligible. I went all in hand over hand so we could end it, and he wound up with the chips. But they had already told me I won, so I hope it's good.

It was shocking really. Me, beating 111 players. I was chipleader for a majority of the tourney. You should've seen how sweaty and shaking my hands were. Well, actually, I guess you will get to see it. On July 9th!

This tourney won me a seat into the TV tourney on FSN -- July 9 in Las Vegas. The prize package comes with complete pampering. You can read about Cory Ann's experience here.

But will it come with as good of cards as I saw today? I must've had AA at least three times. At least. KK won me a big pot when a third came on the flop. I had AK so many times I should've counted, even back to back sometimes. I wish I could remember some of the plays for you. I remember taking two people out at the same time on the final table, but I don't remember how. And I vaguely remember two hands that I actually lost pots with -- AJ and TT. But come on, I don't talk poker. That's for other poker bloggers.

Can you believe it?

I hope you'll be in town on the 10th. I'm sure to create a party somewhere while we watch it Sunday night. Only one question for FSN, how come there's no poker dome representation on the website? Justin....

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The WSOP starts today...

Hi All,
I'm still in Pasadena, and have a full weekend. There's poker, and then there's poker work. My friend Joyce emailed me this morning to tell me that there's a ladies seat giveaway on Hollywood today (and it's only $5 entry!) I just signed up and there are only 114 people registered. So, get on over there and give it a shot! And if you haven't signed up yet, gives you all the specs. Download to get started.

There's also two Pokerdome tourneys today on Mansion Poker, and you know I'm dying to try out that Pokerdome!!! My friends at FSN tell me that it's not going to be headed downtown till the end of July, but I already can't wait.

So, on the poker writing to do list:
  1. I need to do my "Men of Poker" column for Woman Poker Player,
  2. and she just added another profile of Kristy Gazes. (due asap for the WSOP issue)
  3. Also, I got a hot assignment to write up an article on poker rooms for (due July 15 for Septemeber)
And of course there's poker work, and then there's non poker work.
  1. Book promo for Joe Quirk
  2. Book promo for What Color is Your Jockstrap?
  3. Writing for TypePad Featured Blogs
Have a good weekend everybody! And good luck getting your seat!

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Next: Las Vegas, NV (John is already there)


Vegas Update

John left for Vegas on Thursday and I'm living like a bachelor in my own mess. The coffee table is covered with last night's dinner bowl, an old iced coffee glass, a bag of statle Thai peanuts from Trader Joes, and an empty Gatorade container.

But telling you about it is the last of it. I have a lot of work to do today and I can't work unless both glass tables are spotless. So weird. Anyway, I won't be going out to Vegas until I catch up on my backlog of unfinished projects. I'm h0ping it will only take a week, but I won't know until mid to late next week.

The real question is, how many of you are still trying for seats? And when are they? I have a feeling this is a big seat weekend. I know Titan has a big one today.

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Got WOM?

Home again. This week has been a whirl wind of word-of-mouth events. Tuesday John was a prince and got up at the unseemly hour of 4am to take me to the Ontario airport. I went to SF for WOMMA's Wombat2 Basic Training. I think the organization is really doing a great thing by legitimizing this newish arm of marketing. But the thing I learned the most at the conference is that I know A LOT more than I give myself credit for. The Basic Training was way too basic for me, and it's safe to say I need an advanced class. As you would expect, the best part of the event was the networking. Even if I had to jumpstart all of it myself. I left with a few people interested in hiring me as a consultant to their own start up corporate blogs and such.

Some of my favorite parts of the event were in hearing the pros talk. Jackie Huba the Evangelist Expert was a true role model, Robert Scoble (leaving Microsoft for PodTech) made me want to be a better blogger, and I loved hearing big brand wom campaigns like that done for Rainier Beer.

Today I went to Santa Monica for a Business Blogging Seminar put on by TypePad. It was terrific. I was wowed by Anil Dash and it is a shame that he wasn't one of the keynotes for the WOMMA fest. DL Byron is someone I'd like to do business with, and his new book Publish and Prosper Blogging for your Business is for anyone interested in blogging or the state of blogging today. And for those of you who have PC's, Attensa is coming out with a new Beta RSS treat next week.

Mostly I left this week eager to consult with companies who want to start a blog. I want to be involved with bigger projects than I've ever been exposed to. And they're out there, hungry for direction.

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PokerHost giving away seats to the Ladies WSOP

-- Thursday night is Ladies night at Poker Host. The tourney beings at 11pm.
-- I don't know how to get to a computer on time.
-- But it's our last poker home game till after the WSOP. I might not even be home by then. I'm going to try.
-- Everybody I know is working crazy hard! Too, too hard.

Good News:
A Penny for your Thoughts/ Village Cafe was mentioned in Cottage Living this month. Today I finished (finished being relative) their website. Now I have to figure out where to get them placed without spending money. Check it out and let me know what you think could be improved. They don't have regular events, but we'll be happy to put them up when we have on.

I can't wait to see Nacho Libre. It starts tomorrow.

But the thing I'm most excited about, besides going to WOMMA next week, is the Leo caravan coming up to Pasadena on Sunday for Father's Day. I'm making a big brunch, the first time I've ever cooked for the family. Sheeeat, the first time I've cooked any of these dishes. But hey, I'm still so happy to have them here I can hardly stand it.

Maybe I can talk them into going to see it after the brunch. Ooohhhh good idea!

Ah, but Saturday is first. And that means writers group. Which means I have to come with some text.

Oh yeah, I'm also going to be on the CBC tomorrow morning for Summer Travel, and What Color is Your Jockstrap -- I sure wish the domain name would work.

Such is my life. Don't you have something better to do?

Current: Pasadena, CA
Next: San Francisco, CA (Tues - Tuesday night, back Wed)


Summer (VEGAS, Baby!) Schedule

Don't forget to let us know when you'll be in town!

6/24 I'm going to the LV Academy with Phil Gordon and Andy Bloch
6/25 Satellite/Live action begins at the WSOP
6/26 WSOP begins....(employee night).
Check the full WSOP schedule here

We will be returning to Pasadena the beginning of July for a few days, but we're not sure of the dates. John says we'll have to play it by ear.
7/1-7/4 Harold Check- but he's coming less for social, more for the tourney
4th of July - who knows, maybe back in LA.
7/6 - 7/10 World Poker Blogger Tour Summer Classic(I'll be very busy with this, and dancing on tables)
7/9 Ladies event for the WSOP - I need a backer! Who wants to sponsor me?
7/9-7/16 The Brady's are coming to town. (Consider this time frame booked unless you know them)
7/11-18 - Uncle Jon and Auntie Val coming out, maybe cousin Katie
7/27 Media Event for WSOP
7/28 The Main Event for the WSOP begins

AUGUST (If it's anything like last year, we'll probably be pretty grouchy from the long summer and focused on the event at this time. Not a good time to come party, unless all you want to do is watch the WSOP. If this is your only window, come as early in the month as possible. The closer to the final table, the crazier it gets. If you're poker media, it's a different story,and I'll be planning meals or catering to you while you work your butts off.

8/10 Final table of the WSOP at Caesars.
8/11 go home.


Hello, Wicked Chops Poker....Thanks!

In the last post, I asked if I could be more excited.

YES, I can be more excited. My favorite poker blog, Wicked Chops Poker, just featured me as their current blogfile. They were so glowing that John has to sleep on the couch tonight so I can bask in my self love.

Check it out here:
The Blogfiles: Jen Leo LIVE!

And no, I was not the reason that Wicked Chops Poker was chosen as the TypePad Featured Blog yesterday. They were already inline to get their review long before they decided to do me as their next blogfile. Struth.

You all know that the first pic is of me and Pauly. But that next pic, the dancing one, that's from a prop bet at last year's WSOP. John, Pauly, BJ Nemeth, Amy Calistri, and Jay Greenspan pooled their money to pay me $50 if I would go dance with that lone desperado on the dance floor. BJ took the picture and Amy says that was the best $10 she ever spent. Thanks guys!

Pasadena, CA
Next: San Francisco (June 20-21)

WOMMA, here I come!

Could I BE more excited?! It's official. I'm going to WOMMA's Basic Training next week. WOMMA is the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. And I'm terribly enamoured with them. They bust their guts to share online marketing resources to all, and I've been dying to go to their Basic Training since this January.

This is the ultimate quick education (and networking) in word-of-mouth and viral marketing. A subject that is quickly becoming more exciting to me than the travel, and dare I say, poker world. No, I won't say it!

But yes, I want to become a word-of-mouth marketing expert and I'm well on my way.

That means, I'm coming to San Francisco for one night. Doubtful I'll be seeing anyone outside of the conference. So sorry. Mia Culpa. No, Mia this next post!

Pasadena, CA
Next: San Francisco, CA (June 20-21)


Getting Back to Writing!

I'm so excited. Last night and this morning I started writing another chapter of the Girlfriend's Guide to Dating a Poker Player. Hello, I need a much snarkier title. Feel free to offer suggestions!

A few weeks ago, I started a writers group in LA. Three women. Two of us working on books, one working on travel magazines and newspapers. Luckily they don't mind that all my stuff will be about the pokah - but man, writers groups are GREAT! They get your butt in gear like there's no tomorrow. And right now we're meeting weekly.

At the beginning of the year I had an agent interested in this book. We'll see if she still is. If not, I'll start pimping it to other agents. But I need to finish the book proposal and two sample chapters. Knowing that I'm meeting with my group this weekend, I started cranking on a chapter so I'd have something to contribute. Next thing I knew, I had seven pages. A plenty good start. Wouldn't it be awesome if I had the proposal done by the end of June, or even by July 4th? I don't want to get my hopes up. But this writers group really helps.

As if that wasn't enough good news, I have a new writer working with me on Written Road, Terah Shelton. One of the WR fans already got a job because of one of Terah's posts this week. How great is that?! Earlier this year I had half a dozen or so writers wanting to contribute to WR, but I never made time to organize them. So, with Terahs introduction officially up on the site, I reached out to the others to see if they were still interested. Yep! Lucky me. So, now I'll have two more writers working on WR by next month.

That's great news because I just haven't had the time/staffpower to turn it into the resource and community that it can be, and this will really help.

So, what a great start to a Friday. Have a great weekend everyone.

Pasadena, CA
Next: Las Vegas, CA (June 23-Aug 11)


Any ole Tuesday

  • John is on the 1-15 somewhere on his way back from Vegas.
  • We have 15 some days left before we go to Vegas for the summer.
  • I am behind on bday thank yous.
  • 3rd load of laundry in the wash, 2-minute noodles on the stove.
  • and...break my poker this week. When I first moved to Burbank John had to persuade me to go to the first one, now I can't live without it.
  • Didn't get any marketing books for my bday, and now there's a travel book I just HAVE to have.
  • Last night I had dinner with Leigh and 1.5 yr old remarkable Reilly. Today I read more of Marley and Me. Kids and dogs. You could say I'm having a twinge of an identity crisis since my whole life I wanted to have kids and a dog. Now, I can't imagine having either. I know I will, and that when I do, I'll laugh at my life before family, but right now...the lack of interest is truly shocking to me. Shocking I say.
  • Promoting two books right now. Sperm are from Men, Eggs are from Women, and What Color is Your Jockstrap. For those that want to hire me for book PR, you'll obviously have to come up with a title that hits below the belt.
  • Highlight of tonight will be filling out an interview for my fave poker blog, Wicked Chops Poker.

Current: Pasadena, CA
Next: Las Vegas, NV (June 23-Aug 11)


How to Master Your Poker Face with Full Tilt

John Juanda's video is so funny I can hardly stand it. Somebody has to put it on YouTube and pass it around.

I've been playing a lot of Full Tilt heads up NL lately, and it's a blast. Did you know that you can use frequent player points to win a Full Tilt Jersey with your name on it? It might take you several months to earn up the 25,000 points, but heck, come on, a Full Tilt Jersey with your name on it! Obviously, I'm saving up.

Oh, and, watch the new videos featuring Erick Seidel and Phil Ivey, too. Full Tilt has the best poker marketing evah.


What a Birthday!

Phew, it's over! What a week! Jennikkah has come to a close, even if there are a few stray lunches to still have. This was a great birthday, and I'm too spoiled. It started with Susan coming down with all her clothing gifts, then followed up with lots of calls and emails on Tuesday, lunch with my local girlfriend, John's ceremony of more clothes (I needed them), dinner with friends, and I'm not sure I can remember after that. Oh yeah, another dinner Wed night with more friends, and birthday poker last night where I took first in the Blackjack Tourney and then foolishly donked off first or second in the poker tourney. But John took first in poker, so that's two weeks in a row we've played and ate Scott-free!

Some of the non fabric gifts I got were the much talked about Marley and Me, and some super cool ear phones for my iPod. And a goldenrod purse I really wanted. :-)

But I suppose if I were truly gracious, I'd have to admit that my fifth Travelers' Tales book, What Color is Your Jockstrap? was a timely gift. That mean's two books since the last birthday - wow!

I've got two personal artists now (in addition to my editor) and I'm working up new websites. I've hated the designs of the old book websites, don't look, so now I've got a better header and trying to upgrade my overall weblook. Man have I needed a MAKEOVER. It's so frustrating to know how to be better than I currently web-am, but not have the resources to make it happen. Well, there's no stopping me now. Bring on the new websites and blogs! Of course, I'll show you first when they're done.

Current: Pasadena, CA
Next: Don't know. But I badly want a real vacation in the mountains by a lake or river.
John: Las Vegas, NV - (this Sun - Tues)

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