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"If You Play, You Pay"

That's what my dad used to tell me, but it usually referred to events of indescretion. Still, that's what I think of as I'm working my butt off. I'm late on three articles and expect to turn them all in today. And it's all my fault since I made long overdue visits with friends a priority last weekend.

But, some of you are food diary addicts, so I'm here to give you your fix. So you know, I'm treasuring the simple quiet life in Pasadena right now and even contemplating cutting my Northwest trip in half next month. I mean, if I'm excited to load and unload my dishwasher, how could I possibly leave again for two weeks.

Day 7, Jen:
Breakfast: wheat muffin
Lunch: Salad trio at Corner Bakery
Dinner: Weight Watchers meal: chicken, broccoli, pasta alfredo
Snack: reduced fat wheat thins and light cheese - ICK!
Dessert: Cutie tofutti ice cream sandwich and pop corn
Excercise: nada, badada

Day 6, John:
Breakfast: wheat muffin, coffee
Lunch: turkey sandwhich and caesar salad
Dinner: Weight Watchers meal: Lasagne Bolognese
Snack: n/a
Dessert: cottage cheese with pineapple. A lot of it!

So, I bought us some WW meals for $2 each at Vons. John really doesn't want to go to the meetings. I said we should go to one, and then decide what is right for us after that. No doubt we'll both be doing much of this online. In fact, I just found this handy resource "My Favorite Weight Watchers Websites".

There is a meeting today at 5pm. We still haven't decided if we're going, but we need to at least get our points stuff started. I have to get back to work, but don't think for a second that I'm going to be day dreaming about our return to the home game in Cheviot Hills on Thursday. Our host has even said the dinner will be waist-conscious friendly. I'm always curious about what dinner he chooses for us each week, but this week I'm guessing even harder...hmmm....salads? grilled veggies? What will he do! I can't wait!

Current: Pasadena, Ca
Next: Eugene, OR (Sept 1-4)


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