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Side Bets Anyone?

It has come to our attention that people are taking sidebets on the John vs. Jen $1000 Diet. This is excellent news and we highly encourage it. Or, at least I do. It means more competition for us. But come on people, you have to tell us the stakes of your bet. Could it possibly be to eat a plate of veggies? Or maybe some crayons? Or is your bet all about the Benjamins. Tell us, pleeeeeaaaase.

We're jetting off to play in the media tournament at the Bike today for the Legends of Poker. And you know what Thursday means. Hopefully I can get enough done between the two events.

Before I give you the FOOD DIARY, I just want to say, Light cheese sucks. Do you know of any good brands? John is thanking me when I deliver him a plate of Light Swiss cheese from Trader Joes, and I am in the other room, scrunching up my face as I quickly put it in my mouth, then savor licking every last salt particle off my Light Wheat Thin. Sixteen of them to be exact, because that is a serving size. Mmmm Light Wheat Thins.

Now for the home cookin':

Day 9, Jen:
Breakfast: Americano and grapes
Lunch: Greek salad with one piece of olive break toast, half an oatmeal cookie
Dinner: Pineapple chicken over brown rice with a chunky mixed green salad
Snack: Light Wheat Thins and light cheese (no wine!)
Dessert: frozen cherries
Excercise: 2 mile RT walk to the coffee house

Day 9, John:
Breakfast: nothing, just coffee
Lunch: Subway turkey salad
Dinner: Pineapple chicken over brown rice with a chunky mixed green salad
Snack: Triscuits with light cheese
Dessert: nothing!
Excercise: full work out at the gym

I like how John doesn't tell me he worked out at the gym until the next morning when I have to do my report. The house of pain!
Ok, we're off.



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