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Watching Life Unfold

I love my life. It's by no means perfect, and never has been, but faith in the greater scheme of things, is paying off. The event at Barnes & Noble in Eugene last night was fantabulous. Julia Weiler had a roomful of fans, at least a dozen of which were from the Red Had Society and all decked out in Purple, red hats, and thongs thongs thongs. One woman who was more than 60 years old (possibly 70) had the sexiest thong of everyone. I was serverely under-blinged. And even under-dressed. Julia was a complete inspiration, as always. She and her husband James are heading off to Thailand and Cambodia for three weeks in February. I don't know if I've ever met a true Renaissance woman like Julia before. Seriously.

But I don't have enough time to go on and on. Now it's off to a girls night with the Eugene ladies—friends from when I lived here. Most of them are going to the Boots party this weekend so we're going to go to get our footsies done. No doubt we'll talk about boys, babies, and houses.'d we grow up so fast.

More later...lots to talk about. I didn't even get to start in on the watching life change stuff....being in Eugene has done a number on me.


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