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I'm Full

Thanksgiving has been nice. It's so great having John be a part of my life and all my events. Events being social, not book related. Essentially I have many second families in addition to my birth family. Parents of best friends from high school, college friends and their families, work families...I suppose you could say I get close with people wherever I go. Most of them hardly know the others exist and have not met each other.

San Diego is the hub of most of the main second families, with the Bay Area pulling a close second. And John is doing a great job of being "on tour." He met my closest friends from high school this weekend. We all went out to the Casbah Wed night, and then some of us spent more time together today. And then there's tomorrow's line up as well. For those who know the names, John played football with Dan, and I caught up with the pares.

Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparent's house was different. My aunt took charge of the whole meal and did it all by herself. And then we devoured it rather quickly. I'm full, and way off the nutrition list. Way off. But I knew today didn't count. At least I had oatmeal and fruit for breakky, as opposed to a big egg, bacon, and potatoes dish. Dessert? Raw pumpkin pie, fresh raw whipped cream, and raw pumpkin pie ice cream in a raw cone. Raw gobble gobble goodness.

Dumbest thing we did today? Take the camera everywhere without snapping any photos.

San Diego
Next: Burbank (Sunday - Tues)
Back on Tour: Nov. 30 Eugene, OR; Dec. 2 Portland, Dec. 4 Seattle)


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