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Sunday Roundup

I'm still No. 5 on the leaderboard!!!! And I included it up to 13 because our friend Sarah, and two other good players are there. The list went up to 46. John was 39, two above our fun host, Pauly.

"Saturdays with Dr. Pauly"

iPod Leaderboard
Updated thru Event #3

Top 10:
1. On_Thg 8-1-19 = 28 (Event #2 Winner)
1. Philly63367 12-10-6 = 28
3. Bobby Bracelet 3-25-15 = 43
4. CJ 5-44-1 = 50 (Event #3 Winner)
5. Jen Leo 10-24-24 = 58
6. SirWaffle 1-58-12 = 71 (Event #1 Winner)
7. Joanne 25-43-9 = 77
8. Gary634 2-20-72 = 94
9. Drizz 19-40-37 = 96
10. TML10023 (Terry Lane) 29-17-53 = 99

The Rest:
11. SarahBellum 23-34-43 = 100
12. JoeSpeaker 76-3-22 = 101
13. Maudie 21-75-7 = 103

In other news, Kelly Amabile has started writing for Viva Las Vegas Blog. This is a real help for me and we'll be getting another writer as well. Speaking of Vegas, I'll be there from the 9th - 18. Lots is going on. There's the National Finals Rodeo, The World Poker Blogger Tournament, and the WPT Five Diamond at Bellagio. I'll be staying at the Frontier with my friend Christi and all the cowboys during the rodeo on the 9th and 10th. Can we say VIP pass to Gilleys. Oh yeah, mechanical bull time, Baby. And I have to have my camera because if I get a picture of a bunch of Stetsons around a craps table, or watching an Elvis show, I'll just die.

Maybe I'll look into a spy camera in a pen or something. Surveillance equipment!

Then when John gets there we'll be staying at our fave, THEhotel. I raved about it so much Susan considered going...then like an omen that it was, she got a piece of mail offering a room at THE for only $129 the very same weekend I'll be there.

What else? There is a producer interested in me for a potential travel TV pilot. I'll be in SF today taping some new footage of me. And isn't it fitting that on a day I would like to be pretty, I have an itchy rash going down the left side of my neck. Why? Maybe I'm allergic to the Bay Area. Or work. Either is fine with me. John is looking at beach communities for us today. It's really exciting.


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