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Poker Saturday

I want to win that iPod so bad. Like I mentioned yesterday, I'm in the 5th spot on the "Leaderboard" for the Saturdays with Dr. Pauly private tournaments. But for all of our sakes, someone needs to bust On_Thg...EARLY! I'll also be playing in a freeroll in the afternoon.

iPod Leaderboard Top 10 (thru 11.12.05):
1. On_Thg 8-1 9
2. Philly63367 12-10 22
2. Gary634 2-20 22
4. Bobby Bracelet 3-25 28
5. Jen Leo 10-24 34
6. EasyCure 27-13 40
7. TML10023 29-17 46
8. CJ 5-44 49
9. Shane "Big Pimpin" Nickerson 24-29 53
10. Wyndigo 52-4 56

Susan just cooked chocolate chip scones. Yum! And the tourney is starting. I'm off! Have fun everybody and wish me luck!

PS - last night John was asking me what I was doing today. So, I told him about the poker, and a party I'm going to tonight. He said, no, what are you doing that's important. That's funny because right now all I want to do is stay on the leaderboard. :-)


At 11/19/2005 11:40:00 AM, Blogger Jen Leo said...

That was so hard and sad. I went out 24th. John was 27. The iPod leader clinched his win, I think. Oh well. Still fun and I got to say hi to lots of people.

Wahhh....there's no way I could do this professionally. It is SO stressful. I need to read more books!


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