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Sunday is for Sports, Same with Saturday

Trojans can sing...who knew? Last night I went to the SC vs. Stanford game with one of John's SC-loving friends. It was great to be back on campus and I clearly did not have enough cardinal and gold clothing on. We won, by a lot, of course...but the most moving and memorable part of the evening for me was during the pregame show.

The USC Trojan Marching Band, which I used to play cymbals for back in the day, took the field in their usual fashion before the team came out. After playing God Bless America, they lined up for the Star Spangled Banner. One solo snare drum, usually the section leader, started it off, and then the horns come in. I always take off a hat, and put my hand over my heart when the National Anthem plays, but very rarely ever sing. I hate it when people sing to this song because they never do it right. They always butcher it. "They" being the people who can't sing and always insist on belting this particular song out as if that singular act defined them as patriotic. No.

So, I was awestruck when I heard the entire stadium singing well. It was sweet and soft, in way that sounded like the people behind you were singing, but not the obnoxious frat jerk down a few aisles. I don't know how they did it. But they managed to make what I always consider the best played national anthem, even better.

Second of imporantce was that I had a pretty good foot long grilled turkey dog, yeah! (And fries, and spicy peanuts, and sugar coated almonds, and a coke). But enough about that. Big thanks to Kevin for taking me, and on to getting our 3Pete!

Sunday was a blast, too. I played golf for this first time. I didn't do so well at the driving range as there was so much advice to think about. But when we got to the course, I held my own. Enough anyway. Sure there were a few balls in the brush, but I also got a par, which John and Leigh and Seth seemed to be quite impressed with. Leigh and I think we might take some lessons so we can do this more often as we all had fun.

And me? After getting to see my Trojans with a fan, and having fun with my friends, am finding being in So Cal a lot more enjoyable. Especially after we drove to Camarillo yesterday and found it quite easy to turn down as a potential place to live.

Have a good week, everyone!
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