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Poker Sunday

I made it back from Vegas fine last last night. Susan was a gem and let me call her when I got really tired. And even if none of you believe me, I didn't gamble a cent while I was there. Shocking really, but no, I was good. Did my duty, had lunch at my new fave casino, the Silverton, and got out of there. BJ Nemeth from CardPlayer was a HUGE help. Really, a true hero for the day. Was my chauffeur, personal assistant, and benefactor. Yes, I tried to treat BJ to lunch after all his help getting me to the event and then the mechanic, but it turned out he had a bucket load of comps and we had a feast. The steak house was closed so we ordered everything we wanted and it still only came to $40. We'll try it again next time when more friends are in town.

OK, so the poker. John is rubbing off on me because even though he's not here, it's still Poker Sunday in Burbank. I got an account on Poker Stars and am combining a little Raise and Fold with my work. Here's the cool thing...I've taken over his desk. So I'm playing online NL Texas Hold'Em on his big screen monitor, and doing my work on my laptop right next to it. Two computers is the coolest thing ever!!!

I played my first 18 person SNG ($5.00 + .50) this morning. I made it to fourth for $9.00. It was pretty nervewracking before the bubble and I was happy to get through that. To my surprise, John had been watching and he said I played right for the most part. Though how he can tell when I'm bluffing when he can't see my cards, I just don't know. But since the BBE is building me a Vacation Fund with a portion of his poker winnings, my newbie poker skills are building him a Nobu Fund. So, as of that tourney the Nobu Fund has $3.00. Lets see how long it takes me to earn him a nice dinner at the best sushi restaurant in Vegas.

After that game I went out pretty quickly in a $5 SNG. Don't worry, it doesn't affect the Nobu Fund. That's not how funds work. But I'm taking a break to do other chores and tasks while I wait for the big game of the day.

Innauural PokerStars Blogger Championship (starts at 1:oo PM PST)
There are 1472 players registered. Yikes!

I think you can watch me play without paying any money. Just download the PokerStars software and go to the "Private Tournament" tab and look for the "PokerStars Blogger Championship" which will be in green font. My handle is "riceball9". The winner of this tournament gets a free trip to the Bahamas to play in the WPT in January. Worth a shot!

Wish me luck!!


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