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Interesting Stuff I Forgot to Mention

The back is better. Not great, and I still need a chiropractor, but I can walk and sort of bend over to tie my shoes. Regardless, I'm moving on today... But as I was catching up on work this weekend, I remembered a few things that happened this week that I haven't told you about.
  • I'm the new gossip columnist for BLUFF Magazine
  • An agent approached me about future books, but I told her that I was a bit skeptical because she had several typos in her email and didn't have a website. It's clear I need an agent on my same wavelength with all my new media publicity interest
  • As of yesterday, I'm hooked on Philadelphia Garden and Vegetable Cream Cheese
Current: Chicago
Next: Sycamore area on the way to Milwaukee
Tomorrow: Milwaukee --My FAVORITE!!!! It's really too bad I can't show John the Downer hood I love so much. If there was any place for him to surprise me, I wish it was here even just for one day :-)


At 10/11/2005 01:24:00 AM, Blogger Dusty said...

Oooh, BLUFF is about Poker. I was wondering what it was all about and had some strange thoughts. Good going, I am sure you will have fun putting together this column.


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