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The European Poker Tour: London

So, John just left for the Vic. They broke down the opening group into two fields. Yesterday's half got down to 12 players, as will today's. Each player gets 10k in chips to start, and play will begin at 3:00 p.m. Then they will run till about 4:00a.m. or until they have it down to 12 players. Then, tomorrow, they'll start with 24 players. All will get paid something, but it's the final table everyone is shooting for.

I ironed his shirt and wished him luck, but that's about all I can do for now. I'd like to be with him on the dinner break, but he says that there's no need for me to come over until 10:00 p.m. I know he's going to play his best, but I'm still nervous anyway. It's just like it is at home when he plays online, I'm more of a wreck than he is. Hopefully in time it'll wear off, but it amuses him and takes the stress off him, so maybe it's a good thing for now.

If you're reading this today. Saturday morning Pacific Standard Time, think positive thoughts for John. Drink some mineral water, eat some jelly beans or peanut M&Ms, I don't know. Just think FINAL TABLE FINAL TABLE FINAL TABLE FINAL TABLE. And hopefully Lady Luck will smile his way.

Two places to look for updates:
Brad Willis is blogging about the tourney on the Poker Stars Blog
John will blog about his play tomorrow on his new blog, EuroSchecky

Current Location: London
Next up: Cincinnati, OH (Oct 4)
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