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Literary Poker Game

Jeff Greenwald invited me to his poker home game in Berkeley last night. All but one of them were writers and I was thrilled with the idea of going to a literary poker game. Sniff...I smell a good article...yes, of course I have the time. But the excitement ended when I realized they didn't know how to play. The fact that I needed to bring $20 in coins should of tipped me off, but I wasn't going to bash a potential agent or editor connection.

It of course turned out fine as I enjoy being around new people. But it wasn't really poker. I tried to upgrade them to using small and big blinds, but failed. However, they did like the crazy pineapple I learned at John's home game in LA. And they tought me some Indian Feathers game, where you just play one card on your forehead without seeing it. I transformed it into Dirty Feathers where you also get one hole card. The only reason they were able to play these games, even too frivolous for them, was because their ringleader wasn't there.

Jeff's poker crew is led by Joe Loya, author of The Man Who Outgrew His Prison Cell: Confessions of a Bank Robber. Sadly for me, he wasn't there. Not only is he the one who really knows how to play, but I would've been happy to hear even just one story about the bank robbing. HEAT is one of my favorite movies, and I've always fantasized....Not that I ever would. We don't want to worry John.

Anyway, we'll see. I might go back. But I'll bring some mashed potatoes to go with their fried chicken and brussel sprouts. Oh yeah, I lost $10 plus $15 for the case of bear no one drank. At least they drink beer!

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