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Hey Everybody, I know it's tough to keep track of me and all the things I'm doing. So, I thought I'd create a portal where you can find all my blog items as well as on the road commentary. What? Well, you see, it's tough to put personal stuff on Written Road because those readers just want to read about travel writing resources and not poker. And VivaLasVegasBlog is more of a travel guide and doesn't contain a lot of personal info.

At the same time, I'm all over the map with book tours and personal travel. It gets tiring to call someone and hear, "Where are you?" So, JenLeoLIVE! is a home where I can talk about everything. I can tell you where I am as well as what I've been postsing on the other sites. Each personal post will have this info so my friends and family can always have a tab on me. Just what they've always wanted. Hey, who says Christmas can't come early!

Coming from: Burbank, CA
Going to: San Francisco, CA (Sept 21 - 27)
Next up: London, England (Sept 28 - Oct 4)


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