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I'm in SF, Book Tour for Thong is Starting

Hey folks. Tour started last night. I'm busy, but in familiar surroundings. Was fun to have the audience cracking up last night.

It's kinda too late to change the name of the book, but I might have another funny undies title based on an exchance from last night.

Bill Fink, "that strapping young man in the A's hat", as somone noted, came up to me and said, "Jen, you wearing a thong for tonight?"

Jen: "Baby, I'm not wearing any underwear..."
Bill: "Sounds like the title of your next book."

And now I just realized this is too risque for my family to read. Oh well. Have to brace them for the big leagues.

Check out more about the book release party with the Left Coast Writers on Written Road.

Tonight I'm working on the VLVB. Tomorrow I'm working on VLVB, Thong, and having a meeting about the fourth humor book, What Color is Your Jockstrap? I'll be in Redwood City for the weekend, then down to Capitola for an event on Monday.

Current Location: San Francisco, CA
Almost to: Palo Alto, Redwood City, & Capitola, CA
Next up: London, England (Sept 28 - Oct 4)


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Cool blog. - Dusty


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