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Erik Olsen at Gadling is just too sweet to me. Last year he called me Blogalicious and I still haven't made a shirt that says that! This year, just before celebrating their first anniversary, he gave my new blogs some props. Thanks, Erik!!! I did this simple blog for my family and friends because they never know where I am, but the more the merrier. Come on in!

"One of our favorite bloggers and Tipping Point “connectors” Jen Leo has launched a new blog that we urge you to bookmark and read with rapturous glee. Called JenLeoLIVE! (yes, exclamation point required), the blog will take the prolific Ms. Leo boldly where no woman has gone before: into the mysterious netherworld of poker and travel.

Leo, you might remember, is the force behind the blog Written Road, the Thong Also Rises (a book she edited..among others), and also a passionate poker player/follower, whose dispatches on poker and Vegas can be read here. How Ms. Leo will manage to keep all these blogs fresh and full of Jennerific insight is beyond us, but perhaps we should not dare ask such questions, for we are mere mortals." ——Gadling, Sept. 30, 2005

Current: Memphis, TN
Tonight: San Francisco for the Litquake Litcrawl tomorrow at the Casanova Lounge, 5pm. (John will be there!)
Sunday: Burbank, CA


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