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Back in California, Priceline Epiphany

The Litcrawl in SF was a smash hit. John came up and had a little bit of a debut. Some of it went well, but the forces weren't really working for us. Our hotel experience at the Harbor Court Hotel was barely forgiveable and I'm going to encourage John to write it up for the Hotel Hell section of We were both extremely tired both days.

The best part about not being comfortable in your bed is that we were up before dawn and got to watch the Ferry Building open and see the vendors setting up for the Farmer's Market. It was the second sunrise I saw this week.

But back to the issue at hand, no need to use Priceline again, that's for damn sure. We found out that our hotel used their worst rooms for those that book on Priceline.

So, yesterday we got back to Burbank in time for two birthday parties.

How am I? I'm exhausted. A bit on edge. And trying to save all my energy and positivity for event time. This week is a BIG catch up week for me workwise. And then I go to Vegas for the Vegas Valley Bookfest and to get my Glitter Gulch fix.

Tonight: Distant Lands at Pasadena
Location: Burbank all week
Next week: Seattle - Vancouver, BC


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