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Vancouver - Seaschelt - Bellingham - Seattle

I'm alive and well. I fell instantly in love with Vancouver, and that was unexpected. But loving a new city has a different meaning now. Before I always thought of new great cities in terms of living there. And now, I pretty much know whether or not it would eventuate. The weather in Vancouver is not appealing to the BBE, even if it is one of his favorite places. It is highly unlikely we would ever live there, but still I asked him anyways...twice.

So, now I'm onto visits. Vancouver is on the list of places to visit again. But not before Milwaukee.

Colleen Friesen, a contributor to Panties and Thong, took me to her home in Seaschelt, a ferry ride away. She lives right on the Pacific Ocean, with a back yard of patio chairs, portable fireplaces, and one blue canoe. The inside of her house is half glass facing the ocean, and the view is stunning. John will be happy to know that I'm slowly coming round to the idea of living on the beach. Slowly.

All the events have gone well up here, and that is refreshing. With Village Books in Fairhaven, WA being the biggest turn out. 50 some people. But I'll have to blog about that separately. Last night I tied one on with some new poker friends and played Pai Gow and $4-$8 at a local casino. It was good fun, and now I'm working. Another event in two hours.

Cheers to the Northwest!


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