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Settling in...

I will be in Burbank for at least ten days. Tomorrow is John's birthday. We will be working in the morning, and then I've got a bunch of surprises lined up for him throughout the day, and again on Sunday. But the festivities begin tonight at our Thursday poker home game with his friends. I'm cooking a Mexican dinner of tamales, beans, rice, guac, and his fave chips and salsa from Sharkeys.

Work continues on. We've got a new sponsor on Written Road,, and Dan B. just told me that WR is the 2500th most popular blog. Which is decent considering there must be over a million of them now.

I'm also working on What Color is Your Jockstrap? and working on finding new writers for Sean Keener and I had a good meeting about the progress of our sites this past weekend, and I'm looking forward to seeing how both grow this coming year.


At 11/05/2005 07:32:00 AM, Anonymous susan Brady said...

so, how did the tamales turn out? inquiring minds want to know.... Hope the birthday went well and everyone let john win, since it was his birthday!


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