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I'm Alive. We're Coming to San Diego for Turkey

Hi All. I'm still doing the different city, different bed thing. This week included Las Vegas, Burbank for a night, and now Palo Alto & Redwood City for some mass work cramming. I wrote a big post earlier this week about John meeting the BootBoyz...but I'm hesitating to put it up. Yes, this is a personal blog, but how personal do I really want to get? I don't know yet.

What you need to know is that I'm at Travelers' Tales and with Susan until Monday night. John and I will be in San Diego for Turkey on Thursday and Friday of next week. I might go down a day earlier since my Uncle will be out from Virgnia. I'm very excited to introduce John to two of my very dearest friends, Dan and Heather, who missed him the last time we were in town. So, the debut tour continues...and yes, I'll be eating twice. Once at Dan's and once with the Leos. Heck, I might even end up cooking.

It'll be a short visit though as we'll be checking out Seal Beach and some other beach towns close to LAX on the way home. I'm excited about that. Actually, I'm excited about the whole visit. But you'll hear from me before then.

BTW... Tomorrow at 10 a.m. PST, John and I will be playing in "Saturdays with Dr. Pauly" on We've played in two out of the four tournies so far. I'm going to be trying hard to stay in as long as possible tomorrow because I'm 5th on the leaderboard. Our friend Sarah is 11th and a much better player than me so I've gotten very lucky. The winner gets an iPod. John is 60th...and that might be a small sore spot. I can't tell. However, if you play and knock him out, you'll get $20 and a t-shirt. I love this tourney because there are so many poker bloggers on it, and Pauly's friends. So, I get to be a Poker Scenester online as well as at live events. ;-)


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