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So, as you know my back has been outta whack since the major pain incident on the tour. I've been paying $75 a visit to see the chiropractor. He would love to see me 2-3x a week, but luckily I've just been going when I'm in town which is once a week and a half. The cool thing about the Chiro is that he's part of a comprehensive medical group. So, you see a bunch of everyone—doctors, trainers. Not only are they cracking my back, but they're putting me on a system to build up my core strength so my back is stronger to begin with. Which means certain stretches and doing a circuit on the gym. And walking.

Last week I found out that I had gained 20lbs of what I'm affectionately calling my love weight. Two previous times I've fallen in love it's been the exact opposite, but there's a first for everything and the BBE is definitely in a league of his own. I'm pretty sure it's because we go out to eat alot combined with the fact that I haven't been working out. So...when I went into shock about this I told the Docs. And they had me monitor my food last week, and put me on a nutrition plan this week. Guess what I get to eat? NOTHING. Well...that's exaggerating of course.

But I want to give it a try. I DO want to be healthy. And I would like to be trimmer. This is the most I've ever weighed in my entire life. I don't think it means that I'm uglier, but I know I could look physically better. And you know how crucially important that is now that I'm living in LA. Right.

I. I can eat as much as I want of: Raw fruits, Raw/steamed veggies, good water (that's what it says), raw nuts, selected herbs, whole grains, Ezechiel bread or Calif black bread.
II. I can eat with some moderation: Meat cooked rare and with no hormones/antibiotics, grilled fish, raw butter, eggs, brown rice, raw milk, unprocessed fruits and vegetable juices, clean soups (no processed oils/hydrogenated stuff), raw chees, raw sugar (NO Splendid)
III. On rare occassions: Processed cheese, commerical pizza, commericial butter, Ice cream, canned food, Alcohol, Pasteurized dairy.
IV. Not in this lifetime: Soft drinks, french fries, pastries, potato chips, refined protein powders (I don't even know what this is), margarine, white bread, coffee, commercial ice cream, mayonnaise, hydrongenated oils, soy in any form.

And then there's the note at the bottom which says "for angelic results, forget about sections III and IV"

Lets just say I'm going to consider these guidelines, and do my best. It's obvious that I can't do this to the T. And Not even to the H, but I'll give it a whack. Then, while I was on my heat treatment/massage bed cute Enrique the Ex-Meter Maid told me that walking is better than running for losing fat, and that I should try 45 min a day. And to of course eat 30 min before I go, because I forgot to tell you that I nearly passed out and threw up in the Doc's office because I went to a 12noon appt and did a work out with no breakfast. Totally unintentional. But that's the thing, everything I do needs to be INTENTIONAL.

So, that's the latest. Yes, I'm having stuffing on thanksgiving. And I'm not eating my turkey raw. But I will be eating a lot of salad with no dressing, Bible bread, and Clean soups. And I had one little spoonful of a taste of John's new fave ice cream...Ben & Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie.

Life is good and I feel great after my walk.


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