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Dear Santa....

I have never started asking for xmas presents this early in my life. Maybe not even when I was ten. But for some reason, I want a lot of things right now. Here's my list so I can just keep adding to it:

  1. The DVD player to work in conjunction with the Tivo so I can relax to movies at night.
  2. An iPod
  3. A Podcasting tutorial and to have my software set up on my Mac
  4. An assistant once a week.
  5. Maybe a new phone...FYI if you call me, I don't always get the messages till a day or two later.
  6. A super cool laptop messenger bag
And the reason I'm thinking about this stuff today is because I did a post on Written Road about Travel Podcasts.

And here's a directory of Gambling related podcasts so I can listen to them later. When I have an iPod. May miracles of all miracles happen next week so that I beat out all other Saturdays with Pauly players, and the other top four be too busy with Thanksgiving holidays to make it to the tourney so I can take first place and win the iPod.

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Tonight: Burbank, CA
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