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Bad News: I lost my favorite shirt
Good News: It's too cold in Portland and Seattle to wear it
Good News: I'm writing again
Good News: I'm down three pounds
Bad News: Only 27 more pounds to go
Bad News: I'm really hungry

Good News: I'm getting lined up with a car that runs on vegetable oil for two of the last four events of my book tour
Bad News: I have to get the word out immediately
Good News: The BBE said he'd help me write the release tonight

Good News: I get to see some really great and fun friends this weekend
Bad News: I have to leave again when it seems like I just got here
Bad News: I won't be back for three weeks
Good News: I'll be in Las Vegas for half of it!!!!!

Good News: More people are reading this blog than I thought
Bad News: I doubt any of them are my family who still wonder where the heck I am
Good News: Dan and his wife liked John a lot
Bad News: Not sure I believe them, it was one of our worst showings as I was mega cranky
Good News: Doesn't matter as I'm keeping him anyway

Best News: We're going to get a new place by the beach big enough for a guest room
Bad News: I have to travel less
Good News: I can't wait to finally buy a new couch
Bad News: I discovered onions give me really bad gas

Good News: I'm going to stop being hungry and get up and eat instead of writing these mindless items
Good News: I'll be back atcha later or tomorrow
Bad News: that's not a wow enough of an sign off for me
Good News: I found a great WiFi coffee house in Burbank yesterday called Romancing the Bean.

Bad News: Still not good enough
Great News: I'm going to be at the Frontier in Las Vegas next weekend with thousands and thousands of cowboys. It's the National Finals Rodeo and I have a press pass!
More Great News: A travel publisher has asked me to do a quick and easy punch up of their old Vegas guidebook. Christmas Cash for the BBE's special present.


At 11/29/2005 08:26:00 PM, Anonymous susan said...

Bad News: i had a terrible, rotten, no good, stressful workload.
Good news: Jen took pity on me and came to stay for 6 days to help out.
Bad News: She left 2 of her shirts and one pair of pants at my house (altho I am not sure it is the infamous favorite shirt)
Good News: I will bring them up to Seattle this weekend, where we will get to do a whole lotta, relaxing.... or I could bring them to Vegas in 2 weeks, after the rodeo, where we get to,, gamble!
Bad News: How can there really be any bad news when Jen Leo is around!!!!!

At 12/02/2005 09:23:00 AM, Blogger Dusty said...

Well said Susan. Have fun gals. Dusty


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