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Lets Just Make a List

Squirrels I saw chasing each other on Paloma St: 2
Big black bird I saw picking at a dead squirrel on Sierra Bonita: 1
Bees I saw outside the screen to the Great Room: 8
Friends telling me I have unclaimed funds due to me: 1
Number of people in the movie theatre with me when I went to see Failure to Launch: <20
Assignments that are due this week before Wed: 5
Assignments due this week after Wed: 1
$ I won in a $20 SNG Sunday Morning: $80, or is it $79?
Days till John gets home: 2
Number of weeks since I've seen him: 3
People talking to me about needing to marry him: 4
How many of these people were John's ex-landlord: 1
Minutes I had to sit there and take it from said ex-landlord: 32
Neighbors I've met: 3
Restaurants I went to with my Dad: 3
Times I've run the new dishwasher: 3
Days till we go to Vegas: 7
Friends telling me this was next week, not next month: 1
People that can sit at our dining room table and have a chair and a matching plate and placemat: 4
People who've seen the inside of the new house since I moved in: 5
Times today I thought about how tired I am and how it must be related to not enough excercise: 3
Freelance gigs I acquired this week: 3

Gotta Go. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I want to have Sunday breakfast and poker over here this weekend. Lets check with John and see who's game. Battleship, baby!

Current: Pasadena, CA
Next: Vegas (April 16-19)


At 4/23/2006 10:27:00 AM, Blogger miguel said...


Where are you playing hte SNG? I'm on FTP.



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