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Ummm...I'm exhausted

Yes, believe it or not, it happens to even me. I seem to be on the receiving end of a fair amount of compliments lately. A good share of them have to do with my enthusiasm, energy, etc. Thank you very much if any of you are reading this. However it's moments like these I wonder where it goes.

It happens. I get tired. I'm worn out right this very minute, and there's still lots to do on both the old apt and the new house. I love the new house. It fits. But we're not quite fully up and operational yet.

The movers cried rain and didn't do the big haul today. But, I did talk him into coming over just to bring the bed and a little table and chair so that I could work now that this is the only place of the two that have internet. So, that's what I'll be doing tonight and tomorrow, catching up. I'm excited about new projects I have coming in, but I need to balance the day with finishing up the old ones, too. We're sooooo close! We being me. Hey, I'm all alone in this gorgeous empty house, I need to talk in the Royal sense.

Ok, thanks for following along. I have no idea where the cameras are, but I'll find them, and start taking some pictures. John, I know you're reading this, so - the news is that we have a leak. In the kitchen right where the counter hang out spot is supposed to be. Mark knows and the roof guys will be coming once the weather dries out.

By the way...I'm in the process of revamping so it can be a one stop shop for all my action. Books, Mags, JenLeoLive, and my other blogs, events, etc. I want to try a little podcasting, (Larry swears to me the editing is easy as pie), but I'm not quite sure what would be a good topic. All the things that I do, or just one of the things that I do? Something entirely new? Just whatever the heck I'm surfing/reading/hearting -- I don't know. I have to think about it a bit. Now that John puts me on blog restriction now and again... I need a new venue. Ha Ha. Anyway, I'm open to suggestions. Maybe It'll be "word of mouth" related.

Ok. Thanks for reading this blog and not bugging me online. I need a few days to catch up.

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