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You're not missing anything, folks. Mellow laundry day with some work.I'm still doing some work on Jockstrap, and the Vegas guide. And getting things sorted for my next vm projects. Online publicity for those that don't get viral marketing. I'm calling a few friends and trying to do a better job at keeping in touch.

John's coming home early today. Instead of tomorrow.

I'm going to go on a hunt for free boxes so I can start packing up. I'm also interested in having a nice lunch. I've been thinking about Le Pain Quotidien. They have one in Beverly Hills. It's a small chain, and I used to go there quite a bit when I was staying in Belgium a few years ago. Baskets of breads with lots of spreads, big salads. Sounds great right about now.

Tonight I'm going to see Rock of Ages. Turns out John will be back in time, and I'm willing to bet $50 he won't want to go. And I can't believe I'm letting him off the hook because I barely want to go. But I do want to support my friends' friends, and it'll be fun to do something different with Leigh and Seth. I'll have fun once I'm there, but it's like dancing. You have to drag me to get out there, and once I'm out, then I'm having a blast.

Hungry now.

Have a great weekend!

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