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My desk is as fast as the new Apple Book Pro

Oh my gosh, I can't begin to tell you how much more work done I'm getting at my desk than at coffee houses and in the living room. Lots. But that also might be because more is coming in, all on the front burner.

Here are some of the things I'm working on:
  1. By Sunday, I'll have written three mag articles this week, with another pitched.
  2. Wrapping up the Vegas Guide, and starting promotions on What Color is Your Jockstrap?
  3. Re organizing writers for Written Road and VivaLasVegasBlog
  4. Consulting writers on their book marketing plans
  5. Creating a business plan for my new viral marketing consultancy work. That is the most fun of all of the projects. I've got a designer working on logos, biz cards, and letterhead, while I work on the campaigns and how to structure it on the back end. I should be pitching work in the next week or two.
I'll be working at home in Burbank this weekend. I'm going to spend a fair chunk of time on correspondence as I've fallen into another crevasse where that's concerned.

Current: Burbank, Ca
Next: San Francisco, Ca (don't have dates)


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