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I'm home in Burbank

Just a quick note to say I made it home just fine. I was even looking forward to coming home. My bags, however, weren't. They liked New York so much, they must've stayed a little longer. But Delta will deliver them later today.

As life goes, I have more memories to recount than I have time to write up. Right now, work is more important as I have super fun projects lined up behind dull and boring ones. So, I'm getting through the dredge so I can get back to making Jenopolis a reality.

I can't believe the Oscars are already here. We're going to a movie tonight. THAT will be nice. Most likely, Brokeback Mountain. We still aren't up for Munich, and even though Firewall is the easiest compromise between both our tastes, we HAVE to see Brokeback Mountain because of the upcoming awards.

Wed I have lunch with the Dublin Tourist Board, Thurs night is poker night (I hope), and this weekend is Lebowskifest!!!!!!!!

Life is good. Spirits are way up, so no need to send any more comments about that temporary funk last week. I have so many exciting projects, there's no time to look up.

Burbank, CA
Next: Maybe just maybe, Las Vegas...


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