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WPT Invitational, now that's a party!

We've been to a quite a few poker parties in the last year, and this was the best yet. When we got there, we saw the tented red carpet with the WPT/Travel Channel back drop. They were filming a bit, and these tv/movie stars just happened to walk through. I saw BJ for the first time in a long while, and that was really nice. He's working at Poker Pages now. Not as cool of a gig now that Amy's gone, but BJ has integrity and when he gave them his word, he meant it. I found Mark, the owner, in the bar line and told him he was lucky to have BJ.

John found Tony G right away who was talking with Allen Cunningham. I asked Tony to introduce me in a kind of do-it-myself way, and boy was I glad. I've been wanting to meet him for a long time. I think Allen is great and if I ever play any Fantasy Poker lists for the WSOP, he'd be on it. There's something about him, I just want to hang out with him. John said he's my type of guy, and I guess he is since I just can't help liking the quiet ones.

I mostly talked with Pauly and BJ. Pauly is tired from the whole week but still cranking. BJ was focused on work, which is good, but someday I'll get to party with these guys when we're off a work sitch. And, man, does the WPT know how to throw a party. There was a tented area of hot food like shrimp, scallps, and beef tenderloin. Inside was your typical cold apps table. And then they also had a shrimp and crab, sushi, etc table which I didn't see till we were leaving. There was also an outside patio with heater lamps. But what made it was that there were so many people there.

But we can't say everybody was there. Of those to note, Phil Ivey was back at the Wynn playing Andy Beal.

Like an idiot I went up to talk to Jon Favreau about how great Dinner for Five is and how badly I wanted to be on it. But like the smarter girl I really am, I drooled about N o r m M a c D o n a l d from a far. I was also drooling over the star from That Thing You Do, and there's a picture of him down here covering his mouth. We didn't stay, but Pauly caught all the action for Day 1 and Day 2. Check it out, he has TONS of pics.


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