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Hi from Deauville

It felt a bit weird to not blog today since I did so much of it yesterday. I've got my head down trying to finish this Vegas book. John was off dealing with the train station in an effort to get us out of here. No such luck. We'll be here, and then Amsterdam till the 15th as planned.

We had a lovely breakfast sith the Gutshot crew at Cafe de Paris this morning. I got better at ordering coffee, but my omelette wasn't as nice as John's. We'll try again tomorrow. In regards to dinner, that was the treat of the day. We shared a delicious pizza and Caprese salad.

On the BBE scorecard, he brought me a chocolate creme puff this afternoon. I've saved the biggest half for tonight. :-)

On the poker front, I had a chat with Marcel Luske today. I introduced myself, and he was pleasantly surprised to meet me and said he'd recognized my name so it was more like a "finally." Nice, eh? I was fishing for goods for my BLUFF column, but no such luck. He's still trying to get permission for his song on his new DVD. And yes, I got serenaded...just a little bit. He's working on putting together a poker seminar, I suggested the MGM as a good spot for him.

What else? the riffle of the chips beneath the glow of the chandeliers is intoxicating. I want to play so bad....just waiting for a 50 Euro sit and go. But I don't think I can stay awake that long. There is 5 Euro Blackjack in the other room. Tempting...but the poker pals around here would never let me live it down.

Apparently ALL IN Media is looking for some on-air poker reporters. I'll have to figure out if it's TV or radio before I send in a resume. Should I? I don't know. Maybe...

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