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Sorry for the absence. We've been on planes and trains with the internet being down at both the hotel and John's office before we left. I could wonder if it was because of the snow, but I'd rather not think it was something as little as that. I had time to get my hair done and a manicure at a spa salon for only 64LT or $25 after tip.

Then we flew from Vilnius to Amsterdam, just over night. I only had time to turn in some work, and then it was a late dinner, bed, and an early train.

The American Hotel in Amsterdam is considerably more than I'm used to, and right next to the casino. It's fine for us to stay in for V-day, especially considering it's a good deal at $130/night. I will say though, that where we're staying in Deauville is a far better room and the real treat of the week.

Now, I'll be posting poker stuff for the next few days, so John's friends can follow his play.

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