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One More Day til Europe

I'm slammed. But excited. I've made hay with the guidebook, but there's still a chunk to do and hopefully I can really get on top of that today. I can't wait to get to Europe, I really can't. I've been corresponding with my friend Stephen from Gutshot Poker, and I can't wait to see him. The other day I talked to my friend Sean who'd actually been to Deauville for a film festival and said it's great there. And he wasn't even there in summer. Apparently there's a good sea food restaurant I need to try. But we'll see. John says the player's buffet is pretty good, and we have most everything taken care of.

I have to do laundry, unpack my car from when I moved from Vegas, and drop it in Pasadena where my grandparents will be picking it up. That's right, when I get back to LA I won't have a car. We'll see how that works. I'm not that concerned. I don't go far away, and the friends I see aren't far. They could easily pick me up, or I could even start riding my new bike. We're also close to a Metro link it turns out. And I'm walking distance to a WiFi library, so I'm not fussed.

Poker last night was fun. I went out early,and then lost another guy's chips as well. So, not on my A game. But damn fun. It's really one of the high lights of my week. And I can still say that with them harshing all my gigs. They didn't like my poker book idea, and now don't think I should go after a TV gig either. But John stood to my defense and said I'd be able to take the grind, and enjoy all that comes with it.

Oh, hey, I forgot to tell you, John took first last night. That never happens to him. We're concerned he used his luck on our homegame when he needs it for Deauville, but maybe it's just a sign that his good run continues. We'll see.

Ok, laundry, unpacking, packing, more guidebook. Would love to get my nails done. See what a girl I've turned into?

Burbank, Ca
Next: Vilnius, Lithuania (Jan 28-Feb 6)
After that: Amsterdam Feb 6
After that: Deauville, France Feb 7-12
And finally: Amsterdam Feb 12-15.


At 1/30/2006 05:55:00 PM, Anonymous susan said...

so how cold is cold? contacts or no contacts?


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