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Flying Cloud Heaven

I just got off the phone with Leigh and Brian who have restored a '63 Airstream and are driving around the country playing poker. It is a fascinating story from several different angles, and I encouraged them to write about it. I would love to see them get a regular column about their travels and casino adventures (Ahem, Amy and John). Leigh's enthusiasm for playing poker in Deadwood, SD is worthy of a full feature.

What's cool about our connections is that I was introduced by a Burbank librarian who found me online and asked me to do an author event at one of her libraries on a travel night. I guess she read that I was interested in the poker and turned me on to Flying Cloud blog, which is titled after the name of their airstream.

They are living my dream.

I look forward to meeting them, hanging out during the World Series this summer, and maybe even playing in their home game when they get back to LA. I'm pretty sure they're much better poker players than me, but who cares. It's all fun to me. And they sound too cool.

Check out their blog, their dog Curtis is the best.

Current: Burbank, CA
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